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8 years ago#1
Hey guys,

I don't really understand why this error is coming up now.

I've installed this game on my laptop, and my desktop, in fact this is same computer as before.

I read that this could be cause I have a illegal copy, but I don't. All are from my personal collection, with the original CD keys.

I also read that it could be some programs that are running in the background, however I only have the basic programs on this computer (Firefox, iTunes, Real, AVG), maybe there is a program that I have that conflicts with the game.

Do people know some programs? I don't have Daemon Tools installed, and never have on this machine.

I have The Deluxe Version, H&M Fashion, Glamour Life, Ikea, Open for Business.

I am Canadian and damn proud of it.
8 years ago#2
Sorry. I meant to say, I read this can be caused by an illegal copy. But I don't have an illegal copy.
I am Canadian and damn proud of it.
8 years ago#3
No, it's not an error caused by having an illegal copy. That actually doesn't have anything to do with this error. This error is caused by SecuROM and SecuROM only. And most people using illegal copies are competent enough to bypass it. If they aren't, they shouldn't be pirating software in the first place. SecuROM is detecting some type of "emulation software" on your PC. That could be something as simple as CD/DVD burning software such as Nero. If you don't have any drive emulation software on the PC, then burning software is usually the cause.

It's unfortunate, because the only people really affected by SecuROM are legitimate owners of the software that uses SecuROM. It does absolutely nothing to stop piracy of the products that use it. The primary reason why EA uses SecuROM is to counter piracy, and they can't seem to realize that what they're paying to use doesn't work at all, and is simply a waste of money. They don't seem to care about that. Instead, they seem to care more about putting a road block in their software to affect legitimate consumers of their products.

Publishers need to start worrying about their paying consumers, and stop worrying about piracy. EA is losing MUCH more money by paying to use a product like SecuROM than they have ever lost to piracy of their products. But the obvious doesn't seem to matter to them.
8 years ago#4
I know the stuff packs have SecuROM, but since you don't use the that disc to run the game, how is it affecting you...? Maybe I need to do some more reading on this thing.

Poder: Spore might have been the most pirated game of all time, but on MATY they were saying that it still sold a lot of copies, so it's probably not going to affect EA...I mean they did raise the activations from three to five but they still haven't chosen to fix the core problem which is to STOP using it.
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8 years ago#5
I would assume that by installing the game you install SecuROM and therefore it doesn't matter what disc you use - it's on there regardless. Could be wrong.

BBC news ran an article about Spore and reported that 1.7 mil copies of the game were illegally downloaded, and EA sold almost 2 mil copies of the game legally ( - almost the same amount of games were sold as were pirated, pretty shocking figures really and the game only came out in September. You would think that would make EA sit up and take a look at why it happened.
8 years ago#6
Well, I just noticed that he had Deluxe, which has SecuROM on it, and I know that because I saw the tell-tale registry entries that indicated that it did. I use Windows to burn my discs (too lazy to get commerical software and my comp came with no trials), so I haven't run into any problems yet.
That's a shot through the heart of awesomeness mixed with sweet. - superphillip32
Diamond FC: 4210 0521 5663 / Name: Judith
8 years ago#7
Thanks for your help you guys.

The game wanted me to run on the Ikea disk. I uninstalled it and now it works fine. But I don't have the stuff from that expansion.

This is totally lame, not only do I need to install the disks in the right order (so that the last one doesn't have this 'emulation problem', it always tells me to insert the wrong disk, then gives me an error message until i guess and check until I find out what disk is correct. EA did a horrible job checking for bugs depending on what expansions people have.


Yea, I have Spore, and I give my computer a nice cleaning by "running recovery' once a year, to clean in all up, and with this game installed on 2 computers already (plus one having a problem installing after I put in the key) I don't know if I'm going to be able to install it again.
I am Canadian and damn proud of it.
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