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How can I delete memories?

#1Sephiroth311Posted 7/23/2010 7:05:14 AM
I'm trying to use SimPE to delete a couple of negative memories but I have no idea how to use the program, exactly what do I need to do?

I've tried going to neighbourhood browser and opening the neighborhood with the sim I want to edit in but it just gets to 59% and crashes. Should I have installed all the optional stuff? I just want to use it this one time then get rid of it.

Is there nothing in game that will allow me to remove negative memories?
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#2Sephiroth311(Topic Creator)Posted 7/23/2010 7:25:43 AM
Never mind its not crashing, it says not responding for a few seconds then loads up. It was just me being impatient :P

What do I need to do to delete the negative memories of my sims?
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#3el_flelPosted 7/25/2010 5:38:25 AM
That sort of thing is probably better asked at the SimPE site. I don't think many of the members here use it.
#4Sephiroth311(Topic Creator)Posted 7/25/2010 9:04:21 AM
Its ok I've sorted it now, thanks anyway
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#5Blueandwhite87Posted 7/29/2010 2:11:59 PM
That's so cheap. How can you just "delete" memories, The Sims is supposed to be a realistic simulator, and you can't delete someones memory!