How/where to get different clothing? Malkavian chick

#167SherriPosted 1/17/2008 1:28:40 PM

I am playing a Malkavian female, and would like to check out other clothes/armor. Is there somewhere I can go, or a cheat perhaps?

Malkavian is definately a different experience!!!

#2MazirasArgithPosted 1/17/2008 2:07:17 PM
I don't know the specific armor codes, but impulse 101 gives you a bunch of weapons and all the armor.
#3Noobie121Posted 1/17/2008 2:14:50 PM

If you want new skins/models/clothing for your malk, you need to download a skin mod. You can find a list of links to other sites @

If you have fun with clothing in Bloodlines, you should take a look at Oblivion.

#4f4rMPosted 1/17/2008 4:19:41 PM
2nd armor from Fat Larry in Downtown, 3rd armor at the Red Spot (I think that's what it's called) in Hollywood. Body armor from ghoul.

3rd armor on Malk girl always makes me think of Sydney Bristow from Alias. :O Dunno why exactly.
#567Sherri(Topic Creator)Posted 1/17/2008 7:24:41 PM
Thank you. I knew I could buy them/get them in-story somewhere/somehow
#6GWRoEPosted 1/18/2008 6:45:27 AM

Ok here are the armors and how to get them:

Light Clothing - You start out with these.

Heavy Clothing - From Fat Larry in Downtown.

Light Leather - From Slater (in Red Spot) in Hollywood district.

Heavy Leather - From Tseng in Chinatown.

Body Armor - Looks the same as Heavy Leather but is the best in the game. You have to sacrifice your ghoul thought (she gives you this but after she dies) althought there are some ways around getting her killed.

#7VTMBtroutPosted 1/20/2008 5:01:04 AM
Yeah, Just let her go right after you get the armour or the sabbat catch her and kill her