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9 years ago#1

And if the "best" solution was just to simply install the Unofficial Patch on the True Patch?

I am a new user and I never played VtM:Bloodlines before but I am sure I will in the next future.

I read through many topics but I am still very confused. For my personal taste, I just know that the only "wrong" option I might take is to play with only the official patch on. First of all, because I read that there are many bugs left and that both Unofficial Patch and True Patch address them to some extent. And second, because I am pretty sure that Troika has released a product that was rushed out for one reason or for one other.

Now I read that the Unofficial Patch has a "Lite" and a "Plus" installation. From reading several reviews of the game, it seems pretty much agreed that the game itself has some serious gameplay issues.

From this I might argue that a "Plus" kind of "patching" is somehow needed to enjoy a better game. Yes: in short I am saying that maybe it is actually possible to improve what Troika has created. That's why I believe that Wesp5 might be not wrong at offering modifications to the original gameplay. This might offend purists and I can understand but as it is, it might also make the game more enjoyable (I am just speculating, since I never played it yet).

On the other hand, from what I understood, Tessera was (is?) part of the community where the Unofficial Patch was assembled and released with frequent updates and he asked (I don't know how politely) the original author to avoid the inclusion of arbitrary changes in his patch. I have the feeling that even separating fixes from modifications might have satisfied the guy and those who shared his point of view. Perhaps if Wesp5 had thought of a "Lite" and "Plus" installation and offered it to the community, we might have today only one single patch and no feud at all.

In conclusion, I am asking you: is installing the True Patch over the 1.2 official patch and then the Unofficial Patch over it a feasible solution? Has somebody tried this with success playing through the whole game? What would the disadvantages be?

I want to end this by thanking both Tessera and Wasp5 because they are both working for making this game better for people like me. I am sorry and it hurts (on the opposite of those who claims that "Nothing is as fun as a feud!") that there can't be cooperation or even respect between the two parties. I can just hope that in time things might change for the sake of the parties involved and for us final consumers as well.

Thanks also to the whole community that stands behind the creation of those patches, keeping the game kicking and alive as final Troika legacy.

9 years ago#2
I wouldn't call playing without ANY patch (Beyond 1.2) the "wrong" move. It is still a very enjoyable game with only a few minor glitches here and there.

I don't think installing one official patch atop the other gets you the benefits of both...

As far as which one to pick, I've not used any of them, so I couldn't help you there.
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9 years ago#3
True patch readme says something like "You must install this on a fresh install with no other patches (Besides the official 1.2 patch)"

Most likely scenario is that the combination of both patches would cause even more bugs/glitches.
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9 years ago#4
If you want to play through the game with no bugs, then I recommend going with EITHER True Patch or Wesp's Lite/Basic. That way you get as true and close to the original, only without glitches.
9 years ago#5

Hello again!

First, thanks for the advice. I can't really follow the suggestion made by Rolling Skull for the simple reason that I don't see why I should bear even some glitches when there are unofficial patches out there that promise to take care of them.

I am still wondering if you can or not agree with me that the original game does have gameplay issues. If yes, does the "Plus" installation take care of some of them?


9 years ago#6
The game has issues. There's no point in denying that. Official 1.2 fixes some of that but, I've *heard*, not all of them.

Wesp can tell you about his Unofficial Patch better than I. Basically, yes, the Plus version fixes the same glitches as the Basic, however, the Plus adds some modified content. I'm *not* saying thats a bad thing. Whereas, the Basic is mere bug-fix.

True Patch is also a bug-fix patch, adding nothing arbitrary (a note to Wesp: please, can we not argue about the image on Gary's Tape? Its tiny, and hardly construes as nude).

What you choose is up to you.
9 years ago#7
Thanks, Yuna_Firerose.
9 years ago#8
"I am still wondering if you can or not agree with me that the original game does have gameplay issues. If yes, does the "Plus" installation take care of some of them?"

The plus installation of the unofficial patch does not only fix all the bugs that the basic version does, it does indeed fix some gameplay issues of the original game too. So if you want to experience Bloodlines to the most in only one playthrough, I would recommend using the plus patch. But if you want to replay it with another clan anyway, I would recommend starting with the official 1.2 or the basic unofficial patch to experience the game as it was released, so you can better judge the plus changes afterwards. Installing the unofficial patch on top of the "true" patch makes no sense as the unofficial patch completely overwrites the "true" patch as it contains much more fixes and changes.
9 years ago#9
Full disclosure: Myself, I attempted a second run through with the True Patch and found myself disagreeing with one of ITS changes as to how I thought it dealt with the spirit of the game. Combine that with a general disinterest in doing the whole game again, and I abandoned that run-through and went back to 1.2. I have not tried Wesp's patch in any form due to the aforementioned disinterest in playing through the game again.

Discussing the nature of my disagreement with the True Patch would not only be a spoiler, but it is also kind of a picky thing to be honest. I don't want to dissuade you from using the True Patch based on that.

I'm just saying that, apart from the sheer amount of animosity generated over the course of this patch affair, picking a patch to use is probably just a coin flip, unless you want more to dig into the Plus patch's restored content.

Really though, no patch I know of fixes how damned boring the sewers level was. That's my big complaint about the game that needs to be fixed. :P
"I mean, come ON! Kill me?! Who HASN'T tried?!"
-- Mike Nelson, Mystery Science Theater 3000
9 years ago#10
I read before in more than one review about how annoying and boring sewer level.

Is there anything you can do to make it better Wasp5? :-)
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