Heather ghoul problem

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User Info: Unknown_dial

8 years ago#1
Last time I played the game I made Heather my ghoul by accident and had to let her go. This time I'm playing as a Malkavian and actually WANT one now, but for some reason whenever I talk to her all I get is "please...get a doctor!". I tried filling my blood up, I tried talking TO the doctor, I tried all the buttons, nothing. How the hell do I feed her my blood again?

User Info: Liso66

8 years ago#2
Make sure you talk to Mercurio or the ghoul outside the hospital. That way you "know" about creating a ghoul. Then you can help her.

Good luck

User Info: DarkBladeX17

8 years ago#3
Heather is a lot of fun as a Malk. She probably tastes kind of weird too.
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User Info: Malkovich_

8 years ago#4
Can you turn her? Because in one of the mission loading screens there was a brief about how vampires become vamps, 3 drinks from a sire or something. And she's drank from me at least twice.

Or was that just general knowledge that had nothing to do with heather?

User Info: wesp5

8 years ago#5
You can't turn Heather in the original game even with the unofficial patches. But there is a companion mod in the works which plans to do this. See the thread about it here...

User Info: Liso66

8 years ago#6
Oh! Super Nifty! Just another reason to play again :) thanks for the FYI Wesp5
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