How do you open a door?

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8 years ago#1
I feel like an idiot I'm on the tutorial and the guy told me to go through the door and I've tried every button but can't open the door. This is the saddest experience I've had in gaming in my life.
8 years ago#2
No I'm not trolling either I'm really confused. Do I need to reinstall the game or what? E is use and so I figure that but its not working heh.
8 years ago#3
also how do you initiate conversation and such? im trying to talk to jack again but no idea how before he just talked when i walked up to him this is pathetic
8 years ago#4
Jack says to lockpick the door I believe. Do you have a lockpick? Did you pick it up in the previous room? (little sparkles)
8 years ago#5
What previous room? I just went outside and fed on the guy then some people started attacking or some thing and he says go in here and go upstairs.
8 years ago#6
God I feel stupid whats just the button? Is it the attack button or e or what? It is the door on the side right? Or is it the fence door? I've tried beating that one heh.
8 years ago#7
Okay apparently it was a minor glitch I closed the game and reloaded it and then it told me about the use icon and let me open the door. The first time it wouldn't say anything but go in here nothing popped up on the screen so thanks.
8 years ago#8
it happened to me too actually, several times. even when i already close the door, the icon won't show up, so i have to move backward and forward several times, approach the door from different angles, etc. eventually, the icon showed up :) i rarely have to reload, especially since the game just started and i never bothered to save my game that early.
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