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7 years ago#1

ok i had to restart a new game and as before hand i was a Brujah Clan and one of the main feats of disciplines i want is Obfsucate for sneaking and since i saw i think theres total of 2 clans that have that feat for discipline which are Malkavian's and the Nosferatu's. now i don't like the look of the Nosferatu characters for both male or female so i want some opionions since the Malkavians are the next clan i would use for the Obfsucate discipline its one of the choices along with Toreador's, Tremere's and Vetrue's. Now if i can use the sneaking feat with the highest attributes without playing with a Malkavian then im willing to do that as well, any opinion will me noticed so i just looking to see what people think i should do if you guys think i should be another clan besides a Malkavian but i can do the total sneaking as with the obfsucate discipline then let me know if i can't and Malkavian is the only way to for me then let me know that as well thanks

7 years ago#2
I personally love the Malkavian clan.
But if you want a normal playthrough, I'm quite sure either Tremere or Toreador has it also.
Not 100% though.
7 years ago#3
No.Obfuscate is a discipline used only by the Nos and Malks (if you aren't using the console that is :D ).With Obfuscate 2 you're pretty good with sneaking.Just don't touch humans/vamps or interact with objects.If you play with the other clans and have high stats on dex and stealth you'll be practically invisible when you are sneaking (it will cost you more exp points thou).
7 years ago#4

so basically if i was another clan besdies Malkavian and had dexterity and steatlh was full i'd be invisible if i was a Malk or Nos using Obfsucate?

7 years ago#5
You won't have the visual effects of obfuscate if that's what you're asking.It just would be really, really hard for enemies to notice you and it wont cost you blood or anything ;) If you want obfuscate with another clan use the console and add it or whatever discipline you wish.
7 years ago#6

oh i can add it using the console with any other clan?? thats awesome theres like 3 clans i like by the appearance of the character which are the ones i posted not the Malkavian tho, whats the code for adding Obfsucate?

7 years ago#7
Obfuscate 2 lets you sneak right up in front of someone in a brightly lit room without them seeing you... as long as you don't actually bump into them. I don't think Sneak ever gets quite that good, but it's good enough to Stealth through many missions. Obfuscate 3 lets you stealth kill without becoming visible. Nearby allies of your victim may go on alert and start looking around but they won't see you unless, again, you bump into them. Obfuscate 4 lets you run while invisible. The only thing Obfuscate 5 adds to that is the ability to open doors and manipulate objects in the world without cancelling the power.

It's a lot of fun vs. normal opponents and pretty much useless in boss fights or against vamps with true sight. I'd really recommend trying a Malkavian. Their dialogue is hilarious. But you'll want to become really good with melee or guns because your disciplines aren't as good vs. bosses as the other clans.
7 years ago#8
"oh i can add it using the console with any other clan?? thats awesome theres like 3 clans i like by the appearance of the character which are the ones i posted not the Malkavian tho, whats the code for adding Obfsucate?"

Open the console and write 'vstats get obfuscate 5' You will resive Obfuscate on level 5...
7 years ago#9
Obfuscate is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the quest where you mess with the model, I kept opening doors and hiding to freak the guy out. :P

Obfuscate 5 means you can practically run around, do everything, kill everyone and still be invisible. It's nice. Obviously doesn't help with bosses though. Though personally, my Ninja Malkavian handled fights just fine, I took Obfuscate and Dementate just for the fun.
7 years ago#10

just for everyone who may read and notice my last post with what the console code for adding the Obfuscate to my character i found out already and have added 2 more lol dementation and fortitude :D

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