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I can't seem to gain any progress in the quest "dead ex". I spoke to the sinbin guy, who says he doesnt know the person, and I went through everything on his computer but can't get the information. It's pissing me off sooooo bad.

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You need to look in the Ground Zero computers, not the Sin Bin.
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Lestat's walkthru has a table of contents at the beginning so you go to sections without many spoilers, or you could just Ctrl+F. Pasted your quest below for you if you need, awesome that you're trying not to use faqs. Good job.




When you reach Hollywood go and talk to Isaac to receive this quest. Head to
the Ground Zero internet cafe and use the last computer to the right. Enter
the email folder and use the password "kafka". Read the first email (1 XP).
On your way out don't forget to take the COMPUTER SKILL BOOK, if you haven't

Now go behind the "Fast Buck" to meet with a guy in the alley. He'll tell you
something about "Ginger Swans" and then run away. Go back to Ground Zero and
check the PC next to the one you used before. It has a "Celebrity Database"
enter the "s-z folder" and type "swan, ginger". Apparently she is an old
actress and she is buried at the Hollywood cemetery. (If you ask Issac, he'll
mention her)

Go behind the Sin Bin and remove the rubble from the hole in the wall. Crawl
into the cemetery and walk the path all the way to the other side. Enter the
big mausoleum. Turn left and then right to reach Swan's grave. Open it and get

Go back to Isaac and watch the tape (1 XP). He'll then give you the [SNUFF IS
ENOUGH] quest.

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Thanks guys, i really appreciate this, helped a bunch.