camera options and control settings on laptop

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7 years ago#1
Hello. I just started playing this game on my laptop and im loving it! but I have some questions I hope someone can answer me.

I read in the forum that you can change the camera view with the number pad keys, but since laptops doesnt have those I was wondering if there is a way to change the camera controls to some other keys.
Also, while checking the control settings, I noticed a "Mouse look" button bound to ";". I tried it but it doesnt seem to do anything, I even tried to change the key but no luck.

I hope someone can help me out. thanks.

ps. sorry for my bad english
7 years ago#2
I play with a laptop but I never tried to move the camera, since the default view is just fine for me (I normally play in 1st person anyway). Did you try using the "Fn+numpad" combo?
7 years ago#3
sorry could you explain me what is the Fn+numpad combo? thanks!
7 years ago#4
Unless you really want to spend the whole game looking backwards there's really no point of using the "camera options".

And if you want 3rd person view just press Z.
God's angels have no grace...
7 years ago#5

Pretty much every laptop has a Fn button. When you hold it down, you can use the secondary functions of keys. For example, on my laptop's keyboard, some keys have small blue signs painted on them next to their regular black signs.

7 years ago#6
As Flint said, you should have some keys with 2 symbols on them: the "normal" one and another one painted in blue. The blue symbol has effect when pressed together with a "fn" key (called function key). For example on my laptoop pressing Fn+k is like pressing "2" on a numpad.

I'm not sure this could work in the game, tough
7 years ago#7
the Fn+numpad combo works!

thank you all for your help :)
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