Are more graphical options available?

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6 years ago#1
I'm running this on steam with the unofficial patch 7.2. I have a computer more than capable of maxing this game, but the options allow me very limited options. Is there any way around this?
MGO- J.Frost
6 years ago#2
The game can only do what it can do. If an option doesn't exist in the game's settings, then there is a reason for it: the game can't do that. The only real exception to that would be the resolution patcher that is included with the unofficial patch, which allows you to update the available resolutions in the game to include widescreen resolutions.
6 years ago#3
There's no resolution patch I've seen, but there was a nice graphical patch called ENBseries which adds a lot of graphical effects which, in my opinion, really gives the world a darker, more atmospheric feel. The patch can really take its toll, however. The game isn't the best optimized as is and that mod can further slow things down more than you'd expect - I have a machine which can run Crysis smoothly on moderate to high settings and maxed out resolution while recording and this mod can slow my FPS down below 20 on a regular basis with nothing else running.
6 years ago#4
The Camarilla Edition(and therefore the Clan Quest Mod which includes it) improves graphics somewhat without much performance issues. Or perhaps my laptop was already slow enough that I didn't notice.
6 years ago#5
b09boy posted...
There's no resolution patch I've seen...

Look in the "Tools" directory created by Wesp's unofficial patch. There is a file there called "ResPatch.exe" which when run allows you to add additional resolutions not normally supported by the game, such as widescreen. I'm pretty sure you can also find that patcher as a stand alone app without Wesp's patch.
6 years ago#6
Great, thanks for the tip. And just in time. Just about to install this into my new comp for another run through.
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6 years ago#9

Um, I think this was posted in the wrong thread...:?

6 years ago#10
Yeah - wrong thread. I copied your posts and answered in the right one, to keep the things tidy.
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