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Feels like all Vamp builds need Hacking and Security (Archived)HighOnPhazon49/1/2014
if there was another game, what setting would you want? (Archived)
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Is it possible to use the numpad for dialogue choices? (Archived)pyro_bunta28/31/2014
Wont your main character contract the dissease? (Archived)Buncitz58/28/2014
Massive slowdown on the museum stage with unofficial patch 9.1 (Archived)Kalenz18/28/2014
La croix is not giving me the skyline keys? (Archived)Kalenz38/28/2014
Guy behind the asylum alley with the dumpsters. What is he? (Archived)Kalenz48/28/2014
Some help with steam version (Archived)Earth-Master88/19/2014
Suggestions for First Character (Archived)
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The coffin in "The Strain" reminds me of the Ankaran Sarcophogus. (Archived)LordGorbag28/1/2014
Hallowbrook Hotel -- eyes ripped out? (Archived)RedSocialKnight37/27/2014
Your opinion on camarilla vs anarchs (Archived)D4mnYouSir67/26/2014
Patch 9.0 basic , where are the history "abilities"? (Archived)chaos_belmont37/15/2014
How come there aren't kids in this game? (Archived)Terrorknight347/15/2014
Is Clan Quest Mod dead? (Archived)Lighosa37/13/2014
Any way to remove npc hostility with console? (Archived)saoprojekt27/10/2014
Mod suggestions for 2nd playthrough (Archived)D4mnYouSir27/8/2014
Malkavian dialogue (Archived)Hardtraxx47/4/2014
Started the game up with Unofficial Patch in. Any other patches you recommend? (Archived)Gamenamebully26/23/2014
Change Armor1 outfit to custom skin? (Archived)Hirasugi16/20/2014
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