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MGS3 FAQ - New Users Please Read Before Posting! [Spoilers] (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 ]
SamuraiX-43510/2 11:54PM
Question about original releaseEpicGamerzMain210/12 2:42PM
Are there others rewards for stamina killing bosses aside de camos?Ultracombo310/11 11:48AM
These controls are ... So bad now.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
shurryy1210/8 11:47AM
May be a stretch posting here but I have a question about a copy of the game. (Archived)FabIemaster89/26 2:40PM
I just realized The Boss does the Ocelot "You're pretty good" gesture (Archived)Oracle-Raven39/23 6:02PM
I've got a question regarding the ending. (Archived)DrPoop696938/21 4:32AM
Funniest Thing Just Happened While... (Archived)Peenubus48/2 12:08PM
I need help. Anyone. Please! (Archived)7daysko37/9 8:09AM
i remember the fun we used to have on this, 10 years ago (Archived)ZiggiStardust46/19 1:09PM
I wanted to bang Eva during this entire game (Archived)precita25/17 12:58AM
The Boss...I wasn't moved (SPOILERS) (Archived)Suffurix25/10 7:12PM
Peacewalker (Archived)okod34/19 7:28AM
this game is magnificent (Archived)green_abobo512/15 9:38AM
Rank the Metal Gear Solid 3 Characters! (Archived)Nickel_Quack19/9/2014
Damn you EVA (Archived)sm0kiE18/18/2014
One tiny problem I have with the FAQ (Archived)Jerrynsteph4eva16/17/2014
Metal Gear Online is Back Online (Archived)GuerreroRey61912/1/2014
i'm surprised peta didn't try to get this game banned (Archived)dice_eyez58/18/2013
Question about The End boss battle (spoilers) (Archived)Adam314-27/3/2013
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