Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain Back Online!

#451Tbar67Posted 10/6/2011 4:11:16 PM
Sorry, I ended up with some last minute stuff I had to do and wasn't near a computer to tell you.
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#452SigmentKurosaiPosted 10/6/2011 4:28:22 PM
Okay, on my way. Was watching TV to pass the time.
Teamwork has never hurt anyone.... except for your opponent.
#453BoneyardWolfPosted 10/8/2011 12:43:24 PM
I want in on this! I've been wanting to play this game online again for a while. Any of you want to add me my agents name is KillerSkull.
#454SlanthrallidethPosted 10/8/2011 5:24:35 PM
I just sent you an invite. I'll be on for a while today if your ready to do a team par or anything.
#455SigmentKurosaiPosted 10/8/2011 7:09:53 PM
This is a note to everyone. Most people don't know the servers are up, so spread the word if you can. Second, many of us that are playing aren't online all the time, since we do have lives. Anyway, if you want to play online on TOS, It's a good idea to post here, so that someone can respond, and a time to play can be worked out. It's a bad idea for now to just go online and expect to see people. I check this thread occasionally, but I can't be on all the time. So post here when you wanna play, it makes things easier.
Teamwork has never hurt anyone.... except for your opponent.