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4 years ago#1
i just tried to exort > import my profile to my new xbox. but now everything looks like a new file. nothing unlocked, gametime 0:00... and no records. the DOAU1 file can be transfered normal via copy/paste but the DOAU2 file only offered delete so i had to use the export option and now it doen't work at all. its bad enough that DOA3 didn't allow to copy files but now i will have to unlock everything again for TWO games.

well, after all i just want to know why on earth wasn't the export successful? i cannot repeat the procedure since after the export to the MU the file on the HDD cannot be exported again. and after importing it from the MU to the HDD via the ingame import option the file will be deleted on the MU.

could i have done anything wrong?
What were they thinking!?
4 years ago#2
Did you do anything wrong? I don't think so. I tried the same thing a few days ago with my new Xbox and the same thing happened.
It sucks but at least obtaining all the costumes isn't THAT difficult, just time consuming.
4 years ago#3
may because i copied the exported file via xbox dashboard to the HDD? i thought i had to do that before importing it via the game menu but after the start it only allowed me to import the file from the memory unit. so it overwrited the copied file but in the end the imported file should still have all the stuff. but maybe it was confused because of the copied file, i don't know.

well unlocking all the stuff can be hard. i try to get all the items in survival mode incl. the medal that you need to unlock the second page in collection mode) but in order to get the medal you need to beat 50 opponents. and i dont know how i did that back in 2005. i definitely didnt fight tengu several times in hard diff. that would be neccesary for later costumes for some of the girls like ayane. easy only unlocks a bunch as well as normal does.
What were they thinking!?
4 years ago#4
No, the save file didn't get confused. As I said, the same thing happened to me on my brand new machine. I think it's because the DOA games were supposed to be locked to one save file; copying was not allowed.
The same is true for DOA 4 and DOAX2. I tried copying those to the memory card (made for the older 360's) and it was impossible (though I was able to transfer them to my new Xbox without a hitch).
It's time consuming to get everything, but at least the game is fun. However, I won't even bother trying to get fifty wins in survival again because that would be a huge pain and I just want to get back to playing Suikoden 2 again.
Good luck if you're going for it.
4 years ago#5
so whats easier in your eyes, getting 50 wins in survival or completing story / time attack mode on several difficulty settings dozens of times? for me i don't really mind because both is too hard for me. years before i could do things i can't do today. i am always glad if a beat em up doesn't lock things away like costumes or arenas or if the game makes it really easy to unlock them. i think the long term fun comes with the games core, the fighting, versus/online over and over, and not through unlocking stuff.

so you didn't copy the exported file onto your HDD unlike me? you directly imported via the games import/export menu right after the start and directly from the memory unit right? then i really don't get why they implemented this feature anyway. you are actually allowed to copy / paste the save file for DOA-1-Ultimate but not for DOA-2-Ultimate. thats another thing i don't get but thats actually a good thing of course. maybe DOA-2-Ultimate wants you to import the save file on the exactly same machine and not a different one? but if its broken then you can't even export your save file anymore in case it won't even start the game anymore or if the HDD is broken then everything might already be lost. maybe they never really tested this feature at all...
What were they thinking!?
4 years ago#6
Unlocking the costumes is much easier for me. I finished it again (for the third time) yesterday. All it takes is time. Survival is much more about luck (at least for me). I can get over fifty wins. I've done it about three times (this includes all the DOA games) but it's too stressful for me if it's to unlock something.
As an example, right now I'm trying to unlock Zack's third costume in DOA 3. I tried for an hour. My highest was sixteen wins. I may try again, next week.
I agree, unlocking stuff can suck, but I've seen worse with other games.

This is my third 360. My first two were the older versions. I tried copying the games, onto the memory card, to transfer them and the DOA games would not copy. My third 360 is the Slim, so I had to use the transfer cable.Both DOA 4 and X2 transferred and work (thankfully). DOAU, on the other hand, didn't. It transferred but when I tried to play DOAU2, a message came up saying the file was corrupted, forcing me to delete it. That's my long, but pointless, story.

You're not the only one to complain about this inability to copy your saves. I spent 800 hours completing DOAX2. I really don't want to lose that save file, but Itagaki did this on purpose, I'm sure. Probably to prevent people from cheating by forcing the players to play his games the way he wanted them to be played. That'll be little solace if my HD gets wiped, however.
4 years ago#7
so for DOA2U you don't bother with completing the item collection in survival mode at all right? and in DOA3 you try the normal way of unlocking but if thats not working (zack...20 wins...) then you could try just hunting for the xbox item. i usually repeat the first 3 fights since they are easy and dozens of items appear because they don't stand up very fast. well i think i will have to go the story/time attack mode for DOA2U since i am afraid i will freak out trying 50 wins and alway loosing a few wins before or winning but missing to collect the medal...that would be painfull...
What were they thinking!?
4 years ago#8
I did get the medal back in 2004 but, no, I won't be getting it this time around. As you said, it's too stressful almost getting it time and again.
As for Zack's third costume in DOA 3, you can only earn it by winning twenty times in Survival. At least, that's correct for the NA version.
Good luck going through Story Mode to unlock the costumes. While it's not overly difficult, it is time consuming.
4 years ago#9
does the NA version not support the silver xbox items in survival mode that will unlock a costume for the character with which you picked up the item?
What were they thinking!?
4 years ago#10
Nope. Only Zack, Ein and Kasumi had three outfits (which have to be unlocked). The rest only have two.
Well, that is unless you unlock the booster disc in DOAU2 which then supplies the rest of the outfits for DOA3. One still has to unlock the original three outfits though. That's the reason why I was so gung ho about unlocking the outfits in U2.
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