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8 years ago#1
Hello all.

I know all classes get a map that allow us to teleport to our home location once an hour, however I have also recently been group teleported to locations with other members.

Is this a class specific skill? What skills are there for teleporting/summoning other people, other than yourself?

8 years ago#2
hunters can port to certain towns. if u have a captain in your party they can summon u if u have traveling rations. there are also summoning horns at all makor instances(great Barrows, etc) that anyone can use to summon party members takes rations from both the summoner and sumonee to use.
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8 years ago#3
Summoning horns are one time use only right?
8 years ago#4
The Mustering Horns at dungeon instances have a 30min cooldown I believe.
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8 years ago#5
there is a quest reward in Forchel that gives you a one time use summoning horn (you can get 6 of them).

Guardians also have nuts which they can give to people to blow and it will summon that guardian.
8 years ago#6
i don't think that mustering horns have a cooldown timer.. i've mustered several fellowship members from a mustering horn in quick succession.. and the captain only summoning horn is the same.. like a 5 sec cooldown on it..
hunters can port the whole party to different locations..
8 years ago#7
The mustering horns do have a timer that doesn't show. The summonee not the summoner has the timer.
8 years ago#8
yeah instance mustering horns have a 30 minute cooldown on the sumonee so if u summon them on the horn and they port somewhere and it hasnt been 30 minutes u either have to have a capt summon or wait it out.
Not changing this until Cena leaves RAW or gets seriously injured- January 28th 2007

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