Can guardians use a bow?

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User Info: grdotcomsxpunk

7 years ago#1

User Info: BDSM

7 years ago#2

Not until level 30 I think.
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User Info: demonofthemist6

7 years ago#3
From what it says on Lotro wiki, guardians don't get the bows/crossbows proficiency until level 30.
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User Info: grdotcomsxpunk

7 years ago#4
Thanks guys, another question if ou have time.
Is the gondorian armor in the game the same as it is in the movies?

User Info: RogueJedi86

7 years ago#5
LotRO is based on the books, not the movies. So I doubt it.
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User Info: Agamemnon485bc

7 years ago#6
The movies are based off the books, though people keep forgetting that notion because the movies aren't pin-point exact for every word true to the book (which is what happens when you introduce the story to a different media). The art directors didn't whimsically decide to create the design of armor from complete fabrication. A good book that explains how and where they got the ideas for the art direction in the movies:

As to answer the OP on the matter: No, it's not the same. Gondorian Armor is crafted armor in LotRo. There is, however, higher-end armor from quest rewards that does look similar to what you can find in the movies.
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User Info: travlr

7 years ago#7
Ag are you the hunter that's been trolling the guardian forums?

User Info: Agamemnon485bc

7 years ago#8
Try and use grown up words. Am I the Hunter that thinks nerfing all the classes so they can be on par with Guardians so the game can be Hard Mode for everyone is a rediculous and ludicrous idea? Yes, that's me.
Let the Buyer Beware

User Info: travlr

7 years ago#9
Oh you are the person who thinks that what we want...when what most Guardians want is a defined secondary role and a fix to the DPS imbalance Turbine created with the expansion pack. You're blind if you think that DPS scaling on LI bows is completely unbalancing at the moment.

You might get your point across better if you could write a coherent thought on the Guardian forums. your posts are usually convoluted and hard to read and the arguments stem from your poorly written posts.

User Info: Agamemnon485bc

7 years ago#10
Try taking an English class then. You might be better-equipped to interpret a language you seem to have a slippery hold of. While your at it, take an Introduction to Logic course as well. Ask your professor about ad hominem and hasty generalizations.
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