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5 years ago#31


After beating the Central Park megatime, another 0.05% was added, and thus I reached 100%.

The funny part is that if you were to check out my awards list, the Bugle award isnīt completed yet (remember I saved my game in a different slot, so I could try beating the challenge before the bugle), but yet, I got the Game Master award LOL!.

So this is obviously a glitch. For the moment, Iīve only received a huge amount of Hero Points when getting the award (which I wonīt need anymore lol), and thatīs all. I checked out the area where Governorīs Island is supposed to be, but nothing. If you check your map (zoom 1000m), you can still see the label, but no landmass there. A lot of people on the internet think the island really exists, and if you try jumping on buoys and boats, you can reach the area where it is supposed to be. (what is more, the big white letters on top of the screen appear while jumping on the water and returning to mainland).

Guess Iīll now try beating the bugle mission AGAIN (sigh -.-), so I can have ALL the awards and check again Governorīs Island existence, but I too think it is an unfinished project from the (neglent?) programmers.

So people, rest assured that youīre losing nothing here because of the glitch, except for a bunch of useless hero points. And for new players, my advice: if you want to get the game master award, get all the awards except the photograph award. Once you reach 100.00% and get the Game master award, you can beat all the bugle missions. ;)

Thatīs all for now!!! If something new comes up, Iīll report. THX for the help given and goodbye!!!
5 years ago#32

Hats off to pantibonico!

His acquisition of the game master award is the culmination of this thread. (Unless you count my first post, which resolved panicattack's original problem lol.)

We have now discovered a sure-fire way to get the award: Simply save the photo missions for last! We can also see how improbable it is to get precisely 100.00%. Many people would probably complete the mega times last; I, for one, did the fight arena last. Only a fraction of those who went so far to complete the game would, by chance, finish with the photo missions. As for me, I don't think I'll be going for the game master title again, despite knowing how to achieve it now. It's too much work for too little pay, and at least I completed the actual substance of the game, which may be one of the most daunting tasks in video game history.

I think this lays to rest the Governors Island rumor too, as it proves that the island is not linked to the game master award. Earlier, I showed that it was unconnected to the actual completion of the game's tasks. The soon-to-be-tested possibility that it comes from the acquisition of ALL awards is very remote.

5 years ago#33
Yeah, probably the island doesnīt exist, but Itīs OK trying it at least, as I got nothing to lose and a lot to win... ;)

Itīs a pity you couldnīt get it, guys, as it takes a LOT of effort to complete the game, but now you can rest assure I guess...

Indeed, this may be a more-than-proper farewell to this board, which been dead for long... *cries T_T*
5 years ago#34
Excellent job Pantibonico!
It does seem like this is the end to this topic, thanks to you and Kotreny, without you two I'd still be wondering why I didn't have the reward. I, too, doubt that I'll be redoing the game merely to unlock the game master award, although if I ever do decide to I now know how to. I had gotten all of the timed events out of the way first and saved the hint markers for last, since I figured it would be a relaxing way to end the game. In the future if I retry I'll save the final photo mission for last. I think kotreny and I can rest content knowing that we unlocked it in spirit, however, and since this was one of the hardest games to fully complete that I have yet played, I'm content knowing we unlocked it and were simply robbed due to poor programming.
5 years ago#35
Well panicattack, thx to you too as youīre the one who created this topic in the first place, when this board was meant to be dead . I guess a lot of people like you had the same problem, and never posted a topic here before because they too thought this board was dead forever. In the end your faith saved us all! LOL ;)

Finally completed the Bugle mission AGAIN (sigh -.-), this time for good and in a single slot (so I have all I can get ^^), and indeed, Governorīs Island is a fake rumor. Not a clue about its whereabouts, and not a message that says you anything about it. The map doesnīt change a bit, and no landmass in the sea.

Those people who spread fake rumors through the Internet about any game in general, Iīd hang them out upside-down with a web forever!!!

Some other time (in a distant future) Iīll try beating Ultimate Spiderman for ps2. Not as good as this one, as Spidey is very limited in Ultimate, but I prefer it million times rather than Spiderman 3, which is terrible and I donīt recommend.

Well, the jobīs done here now for good!!!

5 years ago#36

Well, it looks like everything has settled into a happy ending for everyone. No Governor's Island, no need to get the game master award. Goodbye all, I enjoyed this conversation. May this thread help others down the road as well.

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