How did so many things progress but bad language go backwards in games?

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8 years ago#1
I had dabbled with the N64 version of this game recently, but when I found out it was redone for the Xbox I got it right away. Then I found out they cut out many of the bad words and I read that game stores were worried parents wouldn't buy the game for their kids if the cursing was kept in it. Now, Nintendo got away with this years ago with their version. So many things that were considered bad years ago have become acceptable now, but bad language and violence in games have gone backwards, people don't even have the freedom of choice to buy a AO game anymore you have chairman making the choice for you that you can't. I guess what I would just like to know is, how did the N64 get away with this (and I give Nintendo credit for releasing this game, although honestly I don't see them releasing something like that anymore) and it couldn't be done without edits years later? Were laws changed or were sales of Conker for the N64 not that good because of the bad language? I'm just confused as to how things went backwards. Thanks.
8 years ago#2

Yup, it is confusing. We've had similar threads about this in the Conker boards in the past; and if I remember correctly the MAIN reason why it was more censored is because Wal*Mart would refuse to sell this game if it had all the cuss words in it. That would deeply hurt sales, so they change the name to Conker: Live and Reloaded and censored most of the cuss words. The game was originally called Conker: Live and Uncut and was going to be...well, uncut. Though in the multiplayer/LIVE part of Conker: Live and Reloaded, all the cuss words can be uncensored. Hope that helps. :)

8 years ago#3
I see! Thanks for getting back to me. Did Wal-Mart sell the game for the N64 though? Although prehaps Wal-Mart became a bigger merchant for games in the later years I suppose. If Wal-Mart can sell R rated Dvds I don't understand why they wouldn't sell a game that had some cussing. It's so strange what people will accept nowadays as being tolerable that they wouldn't back in the day and just the smaller things like games and such aren't accepted. I understand why Manhunt lowered the violence in their game to M because none of the console would accept an AO rating so you can't sell ANY games that way except for a PC version but I respect how they at least made a big fight about it until the end, I wish more companies would do that, it's the only way this silly unacceptance of violence/cursing in games will ever change. It's not as if the kids are in danger because they ID you for certain games and there are disclaimers on the box. 'sigh' well it's not like I can change it by ranting but I was curious about this.
8 years ago#4
woops I'm on someone elses computer and forgot I wasn't logged into my account when I made that last post, sorry to confuse everyone :P
8 years ago#5
I honestly have no clue if Wal-Mart sold the N64 version...It might say on Wikipedia.
8 years ago#6
Well, I googled it and I found Conker's Bad Fur Day on an old product page for it's out of stock of course but it seemed they did sell it back in the day, which makes things more confusing about why they wouldn't sell the remake.
8 years ago#7
Hmm, interesting.
8 years ago#8
That's weird.
8 years ago#9
maybe Wal-Mart was put under new management and the person/people thought the remake suitable but the old management thought the original was
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