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Best places to get Hee Beans?imamelia16/1 11:02AM
Any tips for the Bros. Attacks?imamelia55/30 8:17AM
This game's final boss is the most horrible thing ever. *spoilers*DevsBro45/28 3:34AM
Lists of bean spots (visible and HIDDEN) and invisible ? BlocksZootalo15/22 7:35PM
Just spent 10 minutes trying to get Secret Scroll 2Nemo4ever15/12 8:46PM
What did Luigi say when he saw Toad at the grocery store?DevsBro35/3 11:46PM
What counts as a low level run? (Archived)kaizoisevil15/1 6:01PM
Warp pipe #7 (little fungitown) (Archived)acidflesh509034/30 8:31PM
FYI: You can use the Wii Remote sideways (Archived)Sebby1924/25 1:09PM
Shouldn't Mario and Luigi be pretty rich after earning all those Beanbean Coins? (Archived)slk_2331/14 7:10PM
GBA game only for Wii U. GENIUS! (Archived)Wolf_Link64111/27 3:50PM
I really don't like this game (Archived)DJDave189511/24 5:29PM
Overall difficulty level? (Archived)TheRewster28/19 1:53PM
That might not even be Cackletta's original body. *SPOILERS* (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz38/6 7:02PM
Huge secret in Joke's End (Archived)WendyOceanKoopa47/19 8:44AM
Can Beanbean Castle Town ever get repaired? (Archived)LarryJKoopa97/19 8:31AM
How is Nintendo Power's strategy guide? (Archived)DAMIDDLEFINGER14/30/2014
Confirmed for Wii U Virtual Console in April! (Archived)Pseudo_dino84/21/2014
Unattainable items (Archived)Gaara_fan54/17/2014
The Glittering Gold Beanie (Archived)Cloudflier34/12/2014
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