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Overall difficulty level? (Archived)TheRewster28/19/2014
That might not even be Cackletta's original body. *SPOILERS* (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz38/6/2014
Huge secret in Joke's End (Archived)WendyOceanKoopa47/19/2014
Can Beanbean Castle Town ever get repaired? (Archived)LarryJKoopa97/19/2014
How is Nintendo Power's strategy guide? (Archived)DAMIDDLEFINGER14/30/2014
Confirmed for Wii U Virtual Console in April! (Archived)Pseudo_dino84/21/2014
Unattainable items (Archived)Gaara_fan54/17/2014
The Glittering Gold Beanie (Archived)Cloudflier34/12/2014
What happens after finishing the final boss? (Archived)BrownPack72/5/2014
Meh. I didn't like it that much... (Archived)Sirius12/4/2014
Are Mario and Luigi murderers? (Archived)massifbeef410/20/2013
Another music similarity thread - Regular battle vs. DKC3's Swanky! (Archived)Oak_Tea28/11/2013
What would be considered 100% in this game? (Archived)Mariofan1557/21/2013
Sledge Heart Badge. (Archived)Mariofan1537/11/2013
So Cackletta is actually...*SPOILERS* (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz25/24/2013
I miss this awesome game.. (Archived)Jenesty22/25/2013
I don't like the deal between Piranha Suit/Piranha Swing... (Archived)Chaosmaster0012/24/2013
I don't know why, but I think I want a 3DS SSS remake (Archived)ChronoCactaur52/15/2013
Why are all the little Fungitown toads so ugly? (Archived)Cartwheel_Kick11/2/2013
I musta really sucked at this game (Archived)LonelyGoomba112/23/2012
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