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9 years ago#1
PS2 version Myths and Secrets
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First off:


Bigfoot is a mod for the PC game that was said to have appeared in Back O' Beyond in the PS2 version of the game.
Bigfoot: fake.

Some people say there is an outfit you can dress CJ up in and hold a chainsaw, and it looks just like him. Others say he appears in the rusty wheelchair by Fisher's Lagoon. Still more say he was in the beta version of the game. Well, he is in the beta version, he doesn't appear in the wheelchair, and I'm pretty sure you can dress up like him.
Leatherface: fake enough.

Sharks' existence is highly debated in this board, but many vets of this game have owned it for ages and most have claimed to see a shark or two. The shark's frame is in the coding of the game, and there are numerous pictures, SOME of which are mods. In my opinion, sharks exist.
Sharks: debated.

Another debated myth, there are little lights in the sky that were originally meant to be planes. No one can get near though, so they are unidentified. They are also flying objects. Therefore, there are unidentified flying objects. But, there are not real flying "alien" UFOs, the closest thing you will get to a UFO is the sign for the Lil' Probe Inn. These are real in the PC version tough, as you can mod one into your game and fly it around.
UFOs: alien ones are fake.

There is absolutely no proof of aliens.
Aliens: fake.

Whales were invented by some of our more lively users as a joke. No proof, anyways.
Whales: fake.

>Sea Serpents
Some people just like to have fun. If you take a look at tvthemes' current topic's link to these, you will recieve a very fuzzy surprise.
Sea Serpents: fake.

Apparently he is hiding on a shelf in Zero's RC shop. Take a look.
Pigsy: real?

There is a hut on Mt. Chiliad that is used in a mission around 1/3 of the way through the game. People say that the rabid dog made up by Stephen King, Cujo, will come out and kill you if you get close. Obviously this is fake, because no one would have completed the game otherwise.
Cujo: sadly, fake.
9 years ago#2
````Secrets/Easter Eggs of San Andreas````

>The Growing Moon
The growing moon is a cool little easter egg that happens whenever you shoot the moon with a sniper rifle.

>CJ the Singer
If you leave CJ standing alone for a minute or two, he will begin to sing a song from the radio station you listen to the most.

>Ped Camera
There is a screensaver that will initiate after you leave CJ alone for a few minutes. The camera will start following nearby pedestrians.

>There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.
On the top of the Gant Bridge (the bridge modeled after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco) there is a sign that reads "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away." Best found with a jetpack.

>Car Tire Weapons Trick
If you fire your gun at the tires of a car, your weapon skill will go up majorly and the car will take minimal damage.

There is a pit near the restricted area in Las Venturas that contains several body bags. There is also a Bobcat or something similar parked next to them.

>Secret Vehicles (and the like) Map
In the back of the Lil' Probe Inn there is a small map with bumps on it pinned to the wall. If you actually head to some of those locations, there will be a special vehicle/weapon/etc.

>The Hood-Up Popo Car
In the impound lot of any police station there will be a car with the hood up, around the back of the lot. It takes a considerable amount of damage to move the hood, and I find the car to be stronger than normal.

>The Hidden Ammu-Nation
If you take anything with a zoom feature (limited to the camera/sniper rifle) and aim it into the mirror of any Sub-Urban, you will see a hidden Ammu-Nation interior inside.

>The Andromeda
This is the plane whos spawn points were taken out of the game, but it is still obtainable. I don't know the steps taken to figure this out, but if you ask nicely some of the board members will be happy to help.
9 years ago#3

>Headless CJ
To perform this glitch, you must have a katana with you then enter 2Player mode. With the second player, chop off CJ's head with the katana in your weapons inventory. CJ will respawn at the 2P marker, with no head and a nice blood-squirt effect.

To perform this glitch, you must go to Mount Chiliad between the hours of 7:00 and 17:00 (according to your "watch" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen). Grab the parachute and hop on the lone mountain bike sitting in the middle of the pathway. As soon as the Chiliad Challenge starts, head directly towards the ramp at your left. Jump off of it and jump off your bike, making sure you deploy your parachute. CJ will appear back on the mountain riding the bike, but he will also be wearing the parachute.

>Melting CJ
Hop on any kind of bike. You then hold down the square button and then tap X. There will be a faint melting effect on CJ. His body parts will appear to move back and forth at different times.

>The Territory Glitch
Get in a plane with autopilot (such as the Shamal) and head east. Once you get out over the ocean just let your plane fly for around 3 hours. Keep checking your map, and eventually there will be different colors all over the San Andreas areas. Once you have accomplished this, drown yourself and you will appear back on shore.

>Hidden Interiors
There are multiple ways to perform this glitch, but the easiest is to enter the Ganton gym, enter the jetpack cheat and fly up through the hole in the ceiling directly right of the door (as you're facing it). Once inside it will be dark and hard to see anything. You can fly around and everything, and if you come into a barrier, either fly up or down until you start moving forward again. If you fly around for a while you will find some cool areas you can land on. Make sure you avoid the Endless Sea, as I like to call it. It can get irritating. A few people say that there are interiors accessible that contain all the collectibles right next to each other, but I don't believe it.

>Liberty City Glitch
For this glitch you need an Action Replay and the Infinite Jetpack Height code or something along those lines. (Make sure you bring a camera). On the mission "Saint Mark's Bistro", you fly back to Liberty City, the setting of Grand Theft Auto 3. Once you enter the outside area of the Bistro, you can pop in the jetpack cheat and fly over the wall. Some areas are solid and some aren't.

>2P Underwater Glitch
You need a Sea Sparrow helicopter for this glitch. Have both players get in the helicopter, making sure that CJ gets in first. 2P will then swim around and pull CJ out of the helicopter, for some reason putting him at the bottom of the ocean.

Any myths/secrets I forgot will be gladly accepted!
You may post now.
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9 years ago#4

Say osopinguino99 have done this part before and is it for (ps2 or pc)

>Secret Vehicles (and the like) Map
In the back of the Lil' Probe Inn there is a small map with bumps on it pinned to the wall. If you actually head to some of those locations, there will be a special vehicle/weapon/etc.

9 years ago#5
wow wtf you copied my topic again YOU KNOW THATS PLAGERIZEM delete this topic now
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9 years ago#6
Posted 2/5/2008 10:12:50 PM
message detail wow wtf you copied my topic again YOU KNOW THATS PLAGERIZEM delete this topic now

copy this into you're sig if you have a dog - anti troll board

Not copied. They did it right.

Plagiarism? Lol. No.
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9 years ago#7

Say sorry i copied one of your topics but all im asking is that one real and can you really find cars from that map??????

I only copied that one so i could ask about that one

9 years ago#8
IIRC it's not real, and just ignore OMM. Your life will be better, trust me.
9 years ago#9
Dude come on my topic was fine... yours has some extra information but now we got 3 of these XD I don't really care but that's what the revisions section of my guide is. However I was never gonna put any glitches or secrets since in the cheats and codes section and even better in the secrets section it lists them ALL. He just doesn't talk much about the myths.
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9 years ago#10
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