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How to increase driving skill

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7 years ago#1

I have been driving around a lot and my skill hasn't gone up once how do i increase it?

7 years ago#2
It takes for ever- maybe 100 hours of driving. i don't even think driving well makes a difference and it does absolutely nothing so I really wouldn't worry about it. if you're going for 100% you'll probably get it just from playing eventually.
7 years ago#3

It takes forever. :/ Finishing Driving School helps, but other than that, I don't know of any really fast ways to increase it. Ie. I don't think it has anything to do with whether you crash or not, but has to do with the number of miles you put in.
7 years ago#4
Performing the action bumps the stat. Even finishing a side mission like Paramedic is enough to get it bumped. If you want it maxed quicker than the game provides, look here:
7 years ago#5
Driving School. (Get gold in tests)
And drive more often.
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7 years ago#6
press a few buttons:
Square . L2 . X . R1 . L2 . L2 . Left . R1 . Right . L1 . L1 . L1
7 years ago#7
^^ The easiest way.

But without cheats you have to drive a lot and get all golds in driving school. It doesn't matter if you drive good because once I kept on hitting cars and I saw my driving skill go up.
7 years ago#8
I've always had suspicions that Driving Skill did go up faster for driving "well".

I've noticed that my driving skill tends to go up after I've done something skillful like an insane jump or two-wheel bonus. Maybe I only NOTICE it more after stuff like that, but it SEEMS to be correlated, IMO.
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7 years ago#9
Some of the PC players would probably know for sure. (Maybe OrionSR)
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7 years ago#10
If you're not cheating it will take you a long time...
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