how to complete madd dogg mission?

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5 years ago#1
in this mission, he should falling down earlier from the building before i take the can i stop??
5 years ago#2
Are you referring to his jumping off the building before you can even make it to the truck? Apparently there is no known fix to what is a very nasty glitch, the only way around being starting your game from scratch.
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5 years ago#3
And this is why we warn people about using the peds riot cheat.
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5 years ago#4
Yeah exactly Happy.

TC this isn't a glitch. This is the result of you using the Pedestrian Riot cheat and saving with it still on. Using this cheat has that exact effect on your game and cannot be fixed unless you have a cheat device and use some particular code to freeze everyone in place but you. This will give you the time to get the vehicle and park it under him and then you can 'release' everyone else again and he will fall into the back of the truck as programmed to.

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5 years ago#5
I think i read somewhere that you can use the slower gameplay cheat to have enough time time to get in the truck and save him.
5 years ago#6
The cutscenes aren't pre-rendered, so Madd Dogg, in full riot mode, walks off during the cutscene to go looting, falling to his death. So "Slower Gameplay" probably wouldn't be of much use. I guess you could try it though.

There must be some way around it, whether through finding and exploiting glitches, or by certain combos of cheats. But then again, if people have been having this problem since the game came out, every possibility would have already been checked, checked and checked again.
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5 years ago#7
Slower Gameplay cheat has no effect on him so you can rule that out. And most of the other cheats does nothing to help your situation.

The ONLY way (other than restarting from the start of the game or a save file that doesn't contain any remnants of the Pedestrian Riot cheat code in effect) to fix this is to use a cheat device (Action Replay, GameShark, etc.) and find the appropriate code to freeze everyone in place except for you (CJ) and then grab a truck and park it under him and return everyone else back to normal time.
Guy 1: "Did you see any elephants on patrol yesterday?"
Guy 2: "Naw, but we did see a big pile of elephant ****..."
5 years ago#8
I can confirm that the cheat disc "freeze everything" code DOES make the glitched mission finishable. Unfortunately, I don't think that anyone has ported EdisonCarter's full code (from the original NTSC and PAL versions) to CJ would be stuck in place along with everyone else if you are using that version. ric-013 ported the first set of it, but didn't touch the other parts that make CJ mobile.

Another reminder to never save the game after any of these stupid cheats have been used ;-) R* DID warn you about it.
5 years ago#9
There is another method to fix the Madd Dogg glitch for either version by using a cheat device program. Copy the save to PC and extract the save using PS2 Save Builder. Upload and Repair the save to hmvartak's Online Glitch Repair Tool and download the save with the glitch completely removed. Repackage the save and copy it back to the memory card.

The site states that the repairs only work for PC versions but it is my understanding that the Pedestrian Riot fix will also work for PS2 saves. I'm not so sure about the downloadable version though.

The main advantage to this method of repairing the save is that the glitch is full removed. Other annoying problems like aggressive girlfriends and vendors, drug dealers that can't complete a deal without freaking out on everyone nearby, and strange behavior in the gyms will also be fixed.

BTW, I tried to make a cheat code that could repair this glitch but the relevant data is stored in dynamic memory - so it can't be found in a predictable location.
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