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Now, has anyone else rather than me did this?

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3 years ago#1
Has any of you SA'ers ever done your own "custom" missions? Like pretending they were actual missions, DLCs or the like.

I personally love doing this - since I completed this game nearly everything I do is based on a created mission, even when it just involves randomly killing everyone. It gives the feeling that the game never actually ends.

I have done about 2-3 sets of custom Missions, including even a giant zombie apocalypse which resulted in a lot of insane ped killing, police gunfights and even a little invasion to the Restricted Area and the "location down there".

I would like to know if anyone else had done this too, or has any suggestions on custom adventures around SA. If this topic gets enough custom missions, I could even submit a Custom Missions FAQ as for all those not-in-the-actual-game-but-instead-randomly-created-by-the-players-out-there-and-that-can't-be-found-on-the-disc-so-don't-go-search-for-them-you-noob Missions. That could take a while but could result in about 30 extra playing hours.

What do you guys think about it?
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3 years ago#2
Haha I do that on GTA San Andreas, you aren't alone, I also do it on Timesplitters (all three) :)
3 years ago#3
I imagine that if we get enough custom missions from people we might even start a FAQ for them. I already have 2-3 "packs" of missions which are made by several missions in a storyline involving existant and non-existant GTA:SA characters. From Sniping missions to a giant zombie-like survival apocalypse (Even if it isn't as nice as Red Dead's zombie expansion).

Let's see what exactly a custom mission is:

-Does not exist in normal game, but is instead "done" by going into a place, making a conversation with self pretending to be a talk between the characters,
-Doing random stuff around, usually including going to a place and killing a guy who had supposedly irritated, harmed or threatened a certain character, or stealing a car or getting in conflict with police for any reason,
-Does not have an actual reward in money. Boo hoo.
-Will usually get yuo to go to a certain place where you might find a gun or melee weapon (I like using Tear Gas against zombies)
-Can be done at any time of the game after you've beaten it or completed at least all Las Venturas missions (This means Breaking The Bank At Caligula's)
-If you die, get busted or fail to get a vehicle somewhere, you can always use a "checkpoint" from where you died.
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3 years ago#4
Yeah, I do that in every freeroam game. In fact, I even do it in real life too...



Too weird?
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3 years ago#5
Yeah, I do that too, lol.
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(message deleted)
3 years ago#7
What you're talking about is roleplaying OP, and yes I do it.
3 years ago#8
I don't understand.

Are we pretending to go on a mission via someone else's instructions?

I played Kirby's Dreamland 3 on "jet fighter mode". I only killed enemies with air ouffs and didn't touch the ground unless forced by the level. Good times.

Start posting some directions/missions!
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3 years ago#9
I always wanted to do something like this. It sounds like so much fun
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3 years ago#10
I used to do it in Vice City, I would rob that bank you do in the last Malibu mission ( You can rob it again any time and get a 4 star rating) and I would have to escape the police in a unique way, by going to fixed car spawns and such. I would do similar things in GTA SA, like stealing vehicles from restricted areas and try store them in certain garages, or simply fly over the restricted area with my Hydra and just see where the game takes me.

Then, sadly, I lost my imagination and I follow the rules like a good boy.
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