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A different way to play

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3 years ago#1
Anyone else ever try driving in first person view mode? Also turn off your minimap and try and learn the city properly. I tried this in GTA IV and its quite fun, makes you more immersed in the game.
AC and MGS videos
3 years ago#2
i usually drive in first person, but i have yet to turn off the mini map. ill try it, even thoug i pretty much know the map from playing so much. same with GTA IV and 1st person driving. but then again, that would mean that you can't see your health bars
3 years ago#3
Another idea is to try keep one car for as long as possible so you grow an attachment to it, as if its actually CJs car.

One thing I liked about Mafia 2 is that your cars damage doesnt go away when you store it, you actually have to pay for the damage, making you drive more carefully. Plus it was easier to keep the same car in that game.
AC and MGS videos
3 years ago#4
ever tried,but not very comfortable to move
u have to press L2/R2 to see besides u
3 years ago#5
I can only drive in first person view. Don't need the map or hud except for missions either. I seem to know every road in the game.

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