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How long did it take for you to beat the game? (Archived)
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_FROSTY_372/12 4:57PM
I'm stuck (Archived)
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iX-gamer122/8 11:53PM
PS2 San Andreas Component Dot Issue (Archived)dymck172/7 8:20PM
Why is Carl/CJ the only Grove Street OG who actually goes by his real/given name (Archived)
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slk_23122/4 4:24PM
Having fun with glitches and cheats (Part 1) (Spoilers) (Archived)Joseph09147292/1 1:32PM
Can't find in the PS Store or website. (Archived)jenkbot51/18 12:13PM
Differences in SA: Remastered? (Archived)
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MegamanXfan21xx4212/31 1:58PM
GTA:SA AO Rating On Disk? (Archived)Xilithion312/20 5:01PM
Played this game for a half hour, saw a bunch of creepy stuff (Archived)
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MajinBalthier1312/4 8:28AM
Question thread *spoilers* (Archived)
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Lilisphere1811/26 1:28PM
Dating millie.... (Archived)Rattlesnake05711/23 5:32PM
About Master Saves (Archived)clu82311/23 12:43PM
How great is this game? (Archived)othatguy411/22 1:08PM
Nostalgic moment and other cheat ideas (Archived)thegrambauer311/9 4:36PM
San Andreas on HD TVs. (Archived)
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TrentallicA3011/8 5:51PM
This SA > New SA HD (Archived)justaseabass1011/8 4:21PM
The cut GTAV-esque multi-character system (potential spoilers) (Archived)MegamanXfan21xx1011/8 1:50PM
Saving while having your territory under attack? (Archived)Lilisphere411/4 9:18AM
Is it normal when riding a bike.... (Archived)Lilisphere611/3 12:14AM
Getting Barbara's everything-proof vehicle... (Archived)Jack Talk Thai211/2 11:45PM