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That Terrible Moment When Your Game Freezes/Crashes and You Forget To Save (Archived)Joseph09147252/23 10:50AM
Help With Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) (Mission Spoilers) (Archived)Joseph09147262/18 7:03PM
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When do you start getting paid, man? (Archived)
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Searching for an old San Andreas stunt video (song: bring me to life/wake me up) (Archived)Nescient941/21 3:04PM
Which car is most like the Yakuza Stinger from GTA3? (Archived)SecureGamer31/6 4:45PM
Attempt to answer the question, "how many different looks?" (Archived)free-bee101/1 2:27AM
A voice from the past ... (Archived)
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Habenero1612/31 4:06PM
What is the point of buying cars at the docks while you can just steal them (Archived)QueenOf_Spades1012/26 8:44PM
something i dont get about this series. (Archived)
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loucifer862712/25 1:05AM
Trying to remember a song from SF-UR (Archived)Et_Al312/22 8:11PM
Is CJ in V? (Archived)CarlBarker512/16 4:05PM
100% completion: Achieved! (Archived)
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roachbusters1612/14 11:19AM
How are you supposed to win the Vinewood race? (Archived)roachbusters712/9 11:50AM
My (second) 100% run (Archived)
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FooFightersFan9612/9 1:42AM
free roam 2 player question (Archived)AnselaFan312/5 5:39PM
How can I tell if I have the original Hot Coffee version? (Archived)
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guitarist3601511/29 9:45AM
This game coming to phones (Archived)FooFightersFan611/28 10:10AM