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Question about when Sweet and Kendl said "shut up, Carl" (spoilers) (Archived)slk_23811/4 1:06AM
how many different looks can cj have? (Archived)
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fatherofmustard1111/3 8:41AM
Why don't you play GTA SA on PC? (Archived)Gamer99z1011/2 6:43PM
steps forward vs. steps back? (Archived)
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loucifer862611/1 12:50PM
Teleport to the top of the big ear. (Archived)Tiecuando310/31 10:59PM
Question about fire trucks (Archived)roachbusters810/22 9:49PM
Is there any way to skip "Learning to Fly"? (Archived)
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roachbusters2610/19 11:58AM
what city would you like a gta game to take place in (Archived)
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fatherofmustard1910/18 6:22AM
Responding to pedestrians (Archived)roachbusters410/15 4:49PM
what do you get when you drive a dirtbike through a mudhole? (Archived)
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loucifer861210/12 11:26PM
Thinking of buying this. How well does this run on the PS3? (Archived)
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Sputnick991410/11 9:46PM
Anybody know where I can find some saves for the PSN version? (Archived)Superfly Jo Jo210/10 3:30AM
I just saw that sharks are CONFIRMED in GTA5 and you can get eaten (Archived)on_my_mind91710/5 5:31PM
If you could add more Fast Food joints in the game (Archived)
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KrystieTheModel2810/5 1:53PM
what id like to see if they ever want to end the gta series once and for all. (Archived)loucifer86710/3 11:50PM
Claude car (Archived)crazyboymike2129/30 12:16PM
? on codes (Archived)GuyFawkes589/30 3:49AM
cj's old hood (Archived)Mclarenf1s3299/29 7:36PM
What car is this that I just saw? (Archived)KrystieTheModel29/29 10:52AM
need help! (Archived)GuyFawkes549/28 10:22AM