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what city would you like a gta game to take place in (Archived)
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Responding to pedestrians (Archived)roachbusters410/15/2013
what do you get when you drive a dirtbike through a mudhole? (Archived)
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Thinking of buying this. How well does this run on the PS3? (Archived)
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Anybody know where I can find some saves for the PSN version? (Archived)Superfly Jo Jo210/10/2013
I just saw that sharks are CONFIRMED in GTA5 and you can get eaten (Archived)on_my_mind91710/5/2013
If you could add more Fast Food joints in the game (Archived)
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what id like to see if they ever want to end the gta series once and for all. (Archived)loucifer86710/3/2013
Claude car (Archived)crazyboymike2129/30/2013
? on codes (Archived)GuyFawkes589/30/2013
cj's old hood (Archived)Mclarenf1s3299/29/2013
What car is this that I just saw? (Archived)KrystieTheModel29/29/2013
need help! (Archived)GuyFawkes549/28/2013
Need to know how to do a couple things (Archived)guiness4269/25/2013
Not giving me anymore missions (Archived)MasterAdeptAlex49/25/2013
is it possible to transfer my PS2 save file to PS3? (Archived)shaka de virgem49/25/2013
onmymind would be pretty happy to see this day. (Archived)DreKerr19/24/2013
gta 5 cant touch this (Archived)mrplow79109/23/2013
RIP GTA: SA - We Will Miss You (Archived)Joseph09147239/23/2013
Recommend me fun things to do! (Archived)ECWRULZ69/17/2013