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Which gta:sa city would you live in? (Archived)
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demonta4129/4 9:06AM
why do people seem to have trouble with "wrong side of the tracks"? (Archived)seniorcornman89/3 8:14AM
Found a Uranus car for the first time o_O (Archived)KrystieTheModel69/2 2:38PM
What's you're most favorite radio station of all time? (Archived)Joseph09147259/1 5:01PM
need help with wrong side of the tracks. is there any shortcut (Archived)SherinBinuR69/1 10:48AM
How to get the best luck with vigilante mission glytch in los santos? (Archived)the shadow king48/27 2:20PM
Can the cops bust you like in Vice City... (Archived)RiderAce38/26 10:29PM
Flying to Liberty City? (Archived)JillSaphic58/21 7:40PM
In response to those who don't know me (Archived)DeadlyPurpose1868/21 7:06PM
i hate to say this... (Archived)loucifer8678/20 2:55AM
Tommy to CJ to Niko??? (Archived)DeadlyPurpose1858/20 2:43AM
the attack of the return of the revenge of sack news(with regards to grambauer) (Archived)
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loucifer86198/15 9:59PM
So realistic, I want to kill myself... (Archived)DeadlyPurpose1898/15 12:32AM
Favorite quote From CJ? (Archived)Reborn25108/13 1:27AM
Who is more kickass? (Poll)
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JCTC1013168/12 8:22AM
0.0 i hate my mate (Archived)logan14344534578/10 11:40PM
100% really worth it? (Archived)Reborn2588/10 8:33AM
Don't you wish there was a way to replay missions? (Archived)Dr_Kain68/6 7:18AM
i just, uhm, "entertained" a hooker... (Archived)loucifer8687/27/2013
Tommy Vercetti made it but not C.J. (Archived)
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