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How long to 100% (Archived)
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Is Millie's gimp suit supposed to be a reference to the 1994 film Pulp Fiction? (Archived)slk_2347/13/2013
j***y (Archived)WhitE_LonE_wolf47/8/2013
is it just me or... (Archived)seniorcornman37/5/2013
ask me for help (Archived)
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The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!! (Archived)
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Holy s*** I had no idea this was possible. (Archived)iron_defense66/22/2013
Just about to play this game again.... (Archived)
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Chicken man, no discussion. (Archived)witmax3386/21/2013
Another helping hand needed with a mission (Archived)ZEALCHER56/18/2013
Drive By mission help (Archived)
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i got 100%. what should i do now? (Archived)witmax3376/17/2013
breaking the bank at caligula's question. (Archived)witmax3346/12/2013
Can you do all 50 snap shots the moment you arrive in San Fierro? (Archived)
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i'm going to try and get 100% with no map in the bottom corner (Archived)witmax3336/12/2013
How to download PS2 saves? (Archived)iron_defense56/8/2013
ice cold killa question (Archived)witmax3396/7/2013
Almost done with getting 100%, how are the Quarry missions? (Archived)Rebellian66/5/2013
So apparently the textures are messed up on the Bloodring... (Archived)big freakin evil56/3/2013
How's the PS3 version emulated? Is it any good? (Archived)HakuMan11138655/30/2013