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Recommend me fun things to do! (Archived)ECWRULZ69/17/2013
Is there anywhere i can eat at the start of the game? (Archived)FluffyKidJoe99/12/2013
K-DST, where have you been all (the last nine years) of my life? (Archived)c_yoder69/11/2013
C'mon, 'Why The Star On Me Is Many' for old time's sake. (Archived)
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Jack Talk Thai119/10/2013
I wish I could play this game for the first time again. (Archived)
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One step forward and two steps back... (Archived)MasterAdeptAlex69/9/2013
Anybody else replaying this in lead up to GTA V? (Archived)zeppelincheetah109/9/2013
CJ's quotes changed all of a sudden... (Archived)RanBinRai79/8/2013
am i the only one who actually listens to k rose? (Archived)
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Differences between PS3 version and PS2 version (Archived)
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my cousin just worked out... (Archived)
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YOUR Insane Stunt Bonus Best (Archived)tharuckus39/7/2013
Which gta:sa city would you live in? (Archived)
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why do people seem to have trouble with "wrong side of the tracks"? (Archived)seniorcornman89/3/2013
Found a Uranus car for the first time o_O (Archived)KrystieTheModel69/2/2013
What's you're most favorite radio station of all time? (Archived)Joseph09147259/1/2013
need help with wrong side of the tracks. is there any shortcut (Archived)SherinBinuR69/1/2013
How to get the best luck with vigilante mission glytch in los santos? (Archived)the shadow king48/27/2013
Can the cops bust you like in Vice City... (Archived)RiderAce38/26/2013
Flying to Liberty City? (Archived)JillSaphic58/21/2013