Glitches in Tony Hawk's Underground

#1VARidleyPosted 1/16/2012 1:07:11 PM
Escape Eric's Challenge in New Jersey
At the very beginning of the entire game, get Eric's board back from the building tops. Then play his challenge. In the challenge, you're in the drainage ditch, and he wants you to do a melon, 4 reverts, and beat his score. At any time, you can try to exit and you see that you're stuck there. (The game automatically teleports you to the ditch again, every time you try to leave.) In front of the ditch is an archway on the road. If you go through it at any normal time, the game makes a CHUNK sound and turns you around with a smart comment, usually Out of Bounds! In Eric's Challenge, skate over to the archway, but stay on the right edge, as close to the archway as you can get without touching the street. Now when you're going into the arch, stay to the right and you'll be turned around outside the drainage ditch. Now you can go anywhere, but if you go back into the ditch you're trapped in there again. You can also achieve the effect of going out of bounds AND being teleported back to the ditch, then back out. Do the glitch, and as you're about to get turned around in the archway, turn left into the street. If you are sent back to the ditch you went too far and too early. But what should happen is, the game will make the CHUNK sound, then teleport you to the ditch, THEN teleport you back in front of the archway on the street. Two lines of text will appear on the screen now--one for going in the archway, and one for trying to escape the drainage ditch. There's no use in this glitch but it's fun. Also I should mention that--I don't know about the reverts and score beating--if you do the melon outside the ditch, nothing happens; you must do it inside the ditch to progress to the reverts.

Glitch Jersey
Have Moon Gravity equipped, and you'll see that you can do infinite wall jumps now. Try doing them against the fence next to the archway in New Jersey. Eventually you'll fall through the barrier and against a glitch wall. This place acts really messed up. Doing this in other places in New Jersey causes you to skip over the barriers of the level, therefore you won't get turned around. You can do it next to the bridge over the water (but not in the bridge itself, however) and across the street from the bridge, where there's the brown stands in the road; you cannot do it at the archway or at the train tracks either, but when doing it on the fence, you can go under the tracks anyway so that doesn't matter.

Police enforce No Swimming laws
Before clearing the cop cars off the bridge, have moon gravity, or it might work with good speed on the skateboard--next to the bridge, jump as far out into the water as you can, then as you hear the water you should go past the cop cars. You'll hear their sirens go off, but when you reappear out of the water, there will be a swimming message displayed, as if the game didn't recognize the cops at all.