More funny glitches, and updates from ly last glitch topic

#1VARidleyPosted 8/2/2012 8:04:49 AM
I must apologize...yes, there actually IS a use for Escape Eric's Challenge. You can make him freeze when you exit the ditch, by going far enough away, and if you're trying to beat his score, he can't get any more score because he freezes. This, I believe, is the sole reason you're confined to the ditch when doing Eric's Challenge, because many people freeze or disappear in this game when you leave them behind.

Cop Gets Shot—Freeze Frame
This one is REALLY funny. By using the method of freezing people I mentioned above, you can achieve a hilarious image. In Manhattan, you start on those tiles, and keep going until, at the right, you see road blocks with policemen standing behind them. Get past the roadblocks and make one cop jump backwards away from the block. Then walk—specifically walking, dont run or skate—into him, heading for the unseen barrier behind him. As soon as he jumps away from you and you hear the gunshot sound, hold X as you are teleported back in front of the roadblock, and you'll skate quickly away from there. Then turn back when you get far enough, and the cop will be frozen with his hands up in the air as if he got shot. Getting close to them will return him to normal.