Hideouts and lost cities??????!!!!

#1jarlaxle_1975Posted 6/10/2009 6:13:43 PM
I have seen this question asked before but wanted to again. For the hideout and the lost city. Is there any tricks to where it is? Being it never really close to the landmarks they tell you on the map. Sorry bad with names marquis montalbon or whomever =->. Searching for his hideout for the final conflict I accidentally found one of the lost cities actually. Only one time but was still nice. Has anyone very expirienced with this games figured out how to determine where the hideout or cities are to some degree of success or is it all pure luck?
#2samthewisePosted 6/11/2009 1:00:15 PM
Each of the different inland objectives have a common symbal.

For Buried Treasure, it's a mound of sand with a Red X painted on it.
For Lost cities it is TWO totem pole-like things (only one is just a landmark).
The hideout is a large grey fortress.

Hope that helped.

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#3Gislef(Moderator)Posted 6/26/2009 12:32:37 AM
The computer seems to place Montalban's fortress and the Lost Cities on the west side of the map.

"Southeast of Campeche" typically means on the far side of the peninsula, northwest across the channel from Santa Catalina.

Getting the rutter, or whatever it's called, that shows you all towns, is useful to find map locations as towns (and missions) will often be the only landmark on the map.

Try to find your four relatives as quickly as possible. Once you do and they can no longer give you Lost City map pieces, governor daughters will start handing a piece out practically per visit.
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They place the hideouts on the west side for the fairly obvious reason of South Western america is where the lost civilizations were! :P

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