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Wireless Logitech controller does not work with the fatal frame games (Archived)fcftw17/31 3:32PM
Nifty. (Archived)prostatic23/21 9:35AM
Spirit List - "Shutter Chance Taken" list missing? (Archived)aed197632/6 3:03AM
Just finished for the first time, absolutely love this game (Archived)Konaflare612/28 6:17PM
Chapter Six (Kiryu House); what am I doing wrong? (Archived)Yellowish_No3511/4 3:54AM
1, 2 or 3? (Archived)Fritzenwalden28/8/2014
Is Fatal Frame 2 and 3 still in psn? (Archived)yorae_destroyer27/27/2014
Is the alternate ending a true ending? (Archived)Gin_Devil36/14/2014
Can't find Mayu's charm 2 (Archived)Vector-Armando33/29/2014
Didn't realize this... (Archived)OmniImmortal41/22/2014
Fatal Frame CYOA Take 2 (FF2 Spoilers) (Archived)khrulez112/9/2013
ONLY $2.00 on PSN, right now!!! (Archived)tlcstormz611/11/2013
I can't get 100% ghost completion (Archived)BladeDog911110/23/2013
Multiple copies of Mayu's Charm??? (Archived)Atomos199210/13/2013
Can anyone confirm that all the issues are fixed? (Archived)CyrianFontaine310/1/2013
A favor to ask those who have the new PSN version (Archived)MasterLL48/23/2013
Game is now patched. (Archived)William_1818/4/2013
Did they just forget about this game? (Archived)
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Any signs of an upcoming Fatal Frame game for PS3/360 at least? (Archived)Juicyboix1297/7/2013
Why was this game taken off of PSN? (Archived)kingkaze18726/12/2013
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