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4 years ago#461
There's no need to reason with the heartless father. Leina, kill him to avenge Sae death!
Shadow Trixie
4 years ago#462
You bet xDD


“YOU ARE SICK!!!!” Leina screams, freaking Roke out.
“What do YOU OUTSIDERS KNOW!?” Ryokan shouts back, “I did this for the interest of the village!!! I have NO OTHER CHOICE!!!! Why don’t you tell YOUR Reaper friend to do something about this then!? He took advantage of our village and made THOUSANDS more people suffer!!!!”
“Which is exactly why I joined this game,” Roke simply spoke back.
“Hmph! It’s too late for your redemption!” said the old man, as dark menancing energy flows out from him, “Just like Itsuki, I am also a ‘Remaining’. I might be corrupted by the abyss, but my powers allow me to move about, free from the influence of the Reapers!”
The dark fog slowly eats up his flesh, simply turning the old priest into a walking skeleton.
“I’ll beat you up. And I’ll beat you up good!!!” Leina loads a film onto his camera.
“I guess you really need some beating,” the purple haired boy taunts and gets ready for battle.

Yuripa’s Party…
“Whoops!!! Can’t get me yet!!!” Luke somersaults backward, effectively dodging the slash of Kusabi.
Butterflies emerge from the boy’s front, creating a screen that harms any spirits that tries to cross.
Stunned by the butterfly field, Yuripa took the chance to snap a few shots of two Kusabis, making them stagger backwards.
However, another two Kusabis reappears behind the screen and reach for the boys.
“Not too fast!!!” Luke fires four diamond shots at the Kusabis, halting their attacks on the spot.
“Hey Luke, look at them!” Yuripa points to the previous two Kusabis they were fighting.
The burns that occured from Yuripa’s flash are starting to heal up.
“Woah!? They heal!?”
“Hmph! Who do you think we are!? We are the Kusabis!!! Don’t take us lightly!!!!” Makabe threatens the party and swings his rope, releasing a flock of demonic spirits.
Each of them flies through the butterfly screen, burning them as a result. The spirits are fast, and the boys aren’t able to dodge all of them.
“Argh that hurts dammit!!!” Luke got back to his feet and dodged a slash from one of the Kusabi just in time.
“Luke! Combination Arts!!!!” Yuripa takes out his Twin Butterfly Key as he dodges from a slash as well.
“Have you forgot ants stings harder than it!?” Luke replies his partner, slashing the arm of one Kusabi.
“Argh you idiot! It got upgraded last time remember!?” Yuripa dodges the slash and Double Taps the shutter at point-blank, blasting one Kusabi farther away.
“Agh!! What the heck!” Luke tosses the Dark Key on his left hand to his right and reaches into his pocket, picking out the Twin Butterfly Key, residing very deep within.
Raising it above his head, five energy balls flies out from both stone slabs, and ram into all the Kusabis, including Makabe.
After that, the balls blast off a huge energy explosion, blowing the other four minor Kusabis away.
“Woah, it really did get upgraded!” Luke laughs in amusement and resumes holding Light and Dark Keys with both of his hands.
“My. That was unexpected,” Makabe chuckles, lowering his arms that he used to protect himself from the blast. Minor burns appear on his skin, but it almost instantly heals.
“He sure is a tough one,” Luke swings his keys around, readying to attack.
“I’ll blast him for good this time,” Yuripa equips the Blast lens and a Type Zero film on to the camera.
“Fool!” Makabe opens his arms and five more Kusabi rises from the thick mist below.
“What the!? Reinforcements!? Hey no fair!!!!” Luke grumbles.
“You are finished…hehehe,” The old man maliciously chuckles, licking his lips like how a sick serial murderer would.
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4 years ago#463
Eh...shouldn't Luke be using the kamehameha move with light and dark key?
Shadow Trixie
4 years ago#464
Light and Dark Key only became a sword and nothing more. =D


Meanwhile…Sophia’s party…
Sophia holds her ground and spams barrage of Lazulite at Isane, who inevitably has to block all of that with his scythe.
Auria aids her partner by sending swarms of butterflies at the Reaper, making it harder for him to move freely.
“You girls have nice team work, I’ll give you that,” Isane smirks and smashes his scythe vertically down against the floor, sending a huge red moon-shaped energy across the room.
Sophia got up and dodged away from it just in time.
“Guess long-range sniping isn’t enough!” Auria leaps at the Reaper and smashes her hammer down on to his scythe.
The Reaper did not parry the attack, instead simply back step and raised his scythe, preparing to slash the girl.
Four balls of white mist suddenly shot on to his scythe’s blade, halting his slash entirely.
“Now that’s just meddlesome,” Isane mumbles as he took Auria’s hammer smash with his right arm.
“Damn, I hate it when people took my hammer like this!” Auria steps back with her hammer and attempts to ram it at the Reaper again.
Isane jumps into the air and release another moon-shaped energy wave downwards.
Auria backstepped away, but as the wave touch the ground, it releases an impact the blows the girl further backwards.
“Auria!!!” Sophia calls out to her partner.
“Not yet not yet!” Auria backflips mid-air and returns to the ground gracefully, “That was unexpected.”
Returning to the ground, the Reaper dashes toward the girls.
Sophia fires off her red miasma, and directly followed by the white mist, shattering the red miasma into hundreds of energy balls.
Each balls ram into the Reaper, evidently doing him some damage, yet he does not seem to stagger at all.
Isane raises his scythe at Sophia, but Auria interfered by parrying the slash with her hammer.
“Not. Too. Fast!” Auria pushes the Reaper backwards and smashes her hammer on him like she always does to other ghosts.
The smash caused him a notable damage, making him stagger back.
Red miasma gushes up from below, blowing the Reaper up against the ceiling, and just as he is falling, Sophia spams the Lazulite barrage, blasting him away even further.

The Reaper got back up to his feet, gasping blood.
“Hahaha…I really underestimate you girls. And here I thought you had nothing behind those innocent looks of yours,” Isane compliments and stands up straight, stretching his back and setting his limbs straight.
“Now you’re a tough one,” Auria swings her hammer around.
“We got much more than you think!” Sophia readies her stones once more.
“Well well. I guess I really have to get serious as well!” Isane places his left hand on to his face, and in the shock of the girls, he pulls out his own skin!
His face is now skinless, exposing the inner meat of his face. The skins on his hands and legs are also starting to peel off. Blood drenched onto his robe, coloring it dark red.
“Oh geez. Roke wasn’t even THIS scary,” Sophia comments.

“Ready or not, here I go!!!!”
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4 years ago#465
WTF?! Why did Isane pull his own skin? Guess they don't call him "insane" for the reason.
Shadow Trixie
4 years ago#466
WTF?! Why did Isane pull his own skin? Guess they don't call him "insane" for the reason.
^ This will be explain in a few updates ;)


Chapter 31

The Utsuro turns toward the party, looking as if it was confused. But then, a trace of smirk can be evidently seen on its distorted face.
“Oh god, I’m not gonna sleep well for weeks after this!!!” Konata grits her teeth and directly fires the Crystal Ore at the ghost’s face.
The crystal rams at Utsuro’s face, causing him to stagger back. However, that results in three demonic spirits splitting out from his skin.
“What!? We’re fighting his dandruffs too!?” Wolf hurls his spears at the spirits. Luckily they are not so durable, and simply disperse upon contact with the spear.
Some more demonic spirits split off from his skin and starts heading towards the party.
“This is not going to end well,” Mikoto took out her Twin Butterfly Keys.
“Hold it, Mikoto!” Wolf smiles confidently, holding out his newly acquired Dolomite, “Let me teach him that he’s not the only one who can summon minions!”

[Spirit Stone Entry
Purpose: The stone belonging to Yoshtiatsu Kiryu, the Doll Master
Latent Ability: Summons five dolls that follow the commands of its master. It functions like normal ghosts (i.e. cannot be touched, can teleport, go through walls, etc), except it is not susceptible to Camera Obscura’s flash.
Recharge Interval: 5 minutes
Caution: The stone will begin its recharge state only after all the dolls are exorcized. As long as there is a remaining doll, the stone will not charge.]


Interesting note, GameFAQs banned the Doll Maker's name >_>
I had to swap the letters to avoid it.
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4 years ago#467
Awesome fight! Any chance for this to become the manga?

I will stop posting so you have enough room to post all chapters before 500. (30 picarats)
4 years ago#468
Note to self: "Smirk" is one of villains' trademark move.
Shadow Trixie
4 years ago#469
Awesome fight! Any chance for this to become the manga?
^ Doubt it ._.
I'm not that good.

I will stop posting so you have enough room to post all chapters before 500.
^ No, that's okay >_<
Keep posting. I post a new update every time there's a comment anyway.
If it got full, I'll create a new topic.

Note to self: "Smirk" is one of villains' trademark move.
^ I have no time to improvise something else!!! @_@
You guys were following close behind so I just had to make do with whatever comes to my mind.


Five dolls emerge from behind Wolf, giggling.
“Get them girls!” Wolf commands.
The ghostly doll girls flies at the Utsuro, never ceasing their giggles as they attack the demonic spirits attempting to split off from the Utsuro.
“Woah man, that was awesome!” Kyon comments and aims at the Utsuro, “I probably won’t have to worry about flashing them I guess!?”
“Damn, if only my Aragonite is THIS broken,” Konata mumbles and takes out Mio and Mayu’s stones, “All right girls, lend me your strength!!”
The girl places the stones on both of her hands and puts them on top of each other.
That moment, magical glyph appears in front of her and a small blast of arrow flew off from the middle of the glyph.
The high-frequency arrow ran straight into the Utsuro’s stomach and blows up from inside.
“Woah,” Mikoto watches in awe.
Unfortunately, all they could see was a blast of light from within the ghost’s body. The main body itself is still intact as if nothing happened.
“I guess this works better against normal ghosts,” Konata grumbles and searches her inventory for other options.

Utsuro lets out a roar of rage, initiating an earthquake.
“Oh shoot, he’s angry!” said Kyon, trying his best to stay standing.
Utsuro swings his hands and swipe three of the five dolls away, completely annihilating them. After that, he stretches his arm reaches for three Veil Priests standing around the corner of the room. He then stuffs those priests into his ‘mouth’ disgustingly. After swallowing those priests, he turns back to the party, smirking awfully like before.
“Oh god, I felt like puking,” said Mikoto, clutching her stomach.
“Holy cow, look guys!” Kyon points toward the injury from Konata’s arrow. The opening on his skin seems to slowly stitch itself together.
“Damn, he heals from eating other souls!” Konata mutters.
“We’re not going any where if this keeps on. We have to focus our attacks!” Mikoto suggests, “Everyone, I’ll blast him once with the Combination Arts. After that, give him EVERYTHING you got!!!”
“Got it!!!” The party replies to the girl as she takes out her Twin Butterfly Key.
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4 years ago#470
I really really want those life-like japanese dolls, complete with creepy girl's voice @_@

"Damn, if only my Aragonite is THIS broken," Konata mumbles...

LOL, you jelly?

*appalled at Mio & Mayu combined art attack, only to realize it doesn't work*

There, there, Konata.
Shadow Trixie
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