OMG this is so awesome

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4 years ago#21
Well, that seemed overly complicated, but I've everything installed and working plays the game and everything(though I don't have anything big enough to put the ISO on so had to burn to disc)
4 years ago#22
cutscenes seem to play in slow motion(you can here the drive struggling to read the disc) however the audio is fine somehow.
4 years ago#23
Too bad it's in japanese out on Wii.
Shadow Trixie
4 years ago#24
I patched the ISO so at least the text and subs are English, now I just need to learn to read 1000 words a second.
4 years ago#25
That's weird. I don't remember having any of those problems. Maybe it has something to do with playing the patched version from the disc directly. It's the only explanation I can offer.
4 years ago#26
Yeah, that's what I was thinking TBH

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