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8 years ago#1
im having a problem finding the start of the tomb raiders quest and plains of tyr-hadar quest... could it be my patch? and i cant find jason's items even though i found the right spot to where they should be.. and last but not least cant find the spot to cross the river for the tharwyns axe... i was just wondering if its just my version of the game or something.. any help would be greatly appreciated =)
8 years ago#2
It's probably your version of the game. Jason items don't show up if you have the expansion and not the latest patch.


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8 years ago#3
i didnt even know there was an expansion and im not sure which patch i have i cant seem to find out where it says it but its the patch the game comes with from like 4 or 5 years ago lol
8 years ago#4
oh and also any ideas about those 2 quests? it sucks not being able to all the dragons lol especially when i do it so quickly lol
8 years ago#5
I am playing Sacred and like to "Keep" a couple followers along, they help with kills and level with me, I do this by just NOT finishing thier particular quest, so they follow me forever.Here is the problem I need to take on a dragon and of course they want to help, I can take the damage the dragon deals but they cannot, is there a way to make them "Wait" somewhere so I can kill the dragon and come back for them? I am also going to try and take thier weapons away and see if that helps any other ideas?
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