Covert Kills

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What are they and how does one obtain them? Are they related to silent kills?

 Please help.

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"Okay. When you've got the sound of an incoming artillery shell. Enemies won't become alerted by your shot (they won't hear it). This should enable you to get a long-range covert kill. Covert kills are only available, however, if an enemy hasn't heard or seen anything to suggest that the player exists. So, for instance, suppose there are four guys standing around / patrolling.

You kill the first guy, and you get your covert kill. But guy number 2 sees the dead body of his buddy. He will become alerted, and he will shout to all his friends in range to tell them about it. So you can't get any more covert kills. So, what you would need to do would be:

Use sound masking to kill a guy behind the rest / not visible from the others' positions. Kill the other guys in this way, from back to front, so that no-one ever sees you do it, or sees a dead body, or hears a shot.

This system was designed to replicate the behaviour of the scene in Enemy at the Gates, where the hero, played by Jude Law, uses incoming artillery shells to mask the sound of his shots, and kills a group of 5 enemies, without any of them becoming aware that the ones behind are already dead.

Yes it isn't always possible to get covert kills, because in some instances, the levels aren't set up in such a way as to allow all the enemies to be killed without them noticing something (which is kind of realisitic, if you think about it).

I should also point out that you get amazingly huge bonuses if you can make 3 covert kills in a row without being detected."
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Ah, thank you. But what about silent kills, what do they entail?
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Almost the same, when you sneak up on some one just use your pistol, but don't let him know you're there or let anyone see you kill him.
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So any of you guys still play this online?
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I do but on the PS2 servers