#1817vs619Posted 4/14/2008 5:49:17 PM
I had this game when it first came out on X-Box and sold it blah blah blah..I just purchased it again am on my third disc now and it's still not working! I refuse to give this game up again because it is that good in my opinion, but can anyone help me out? Once the first mission is debriefed a go to press the A button and it freezes EVERY time I am frustrated beyond belief! I can't even start the gameplay so close and yet so far I want to grab my Wii and brake it!!
#2superman060Posted 4/24/2008 11:51:12 PM

Do you have any old saves on your xbox. You might have to clear out your save games, I know that works for a lot of people with any games considering the saves could be corrupt. I know there is another thing you can do with the hard drive, but I don't know the code to use. It is supposed to help for any BC games cause they jam up your cache or something like that.

I have only heard these from other people on here so I don't really know if it will work or not so you might wanna look it up some more. Sorry if I couldn't help.

#3greybeardPosted 4/25/2008 4:00:08 AM
This is the XBox board - what platform are you playing on because if it is a XB360 it is well known that this game has backwards compatibility problems which sound very similar to those you describe?
#4Agent_Smith1979Posted 4/29/2008 9:24:39 AM
Hey 817vs619:

You're probably using the 1080i definition. You only have to manually change it to 480p (on the Display settings), and the game will run perfectly.
I hope this helps :)