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8 years ago#1

Now this is a game that should be on the Marketplace considering it is so rare and so much fun. It would probably bing the online for this game to life.

I wish they would just upload all the xbox games that are BC so we can have a go at the oldies that you can't find anymore.

Call of Cthulhu is another one I would like to see on the Marketplace.

8 years ago#2
Apparently no one thinks the same way.
8 years ago#3
rare - maybe. fun - no.
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8 years ago#4
How could you not have fun with this game?
7 years ago#5
i love the concept, but thought the execution was poor. the controls were terrible and i just didn't enjoy the urban environment. it was almost impossible to engage many enemies at >100m. the majority of the game played out like a standard tps, not a sniper sim.
welcome to a new age of socialism in america!
7 years ago#6
That's very true, but I doubt you would enjoy an actual sniper sim. Sniping is more or less hunting and well as a game that would be kinda boring. Don't get me wrong it would be fun for a little while, but after you've had about 6 hours (3 days in game world) of finding the right spot the game's fan base would be narroweddown to about
7 years ago#7
There's plenty wrong with game but not being fun isn't one of them. It is often greatly entertaining.

I would have preferred a more authentic sniper sim and that would have been possible if they'd simply made it a pure stealth game. But they obviously decided against that putting in all those tps elements and gameplay design features which often contradicted the realistic techniques supposedly required by its sniping sim core.

I would have thought there are also technical problems with making it more authentic too. The reason almost all the sniping (as in most other games too) is done at <100yds is surely because on a SD TV depicting any human size target at realistic sniping ranges would be beyond the resolution of the screen - they'd be no more than a couple of pixels even through a scope. Of course the environments would also have to be at least triple the apparent size as well.
7 years ago#8
well said greybeard.
another thing that annoyed me was you couldn't adjust your scope for wind/gravity so that you'd be aiming for the center of the crosshairs rather than constantly counting tic marks.
i actually enjoyed sniping in far cry 2 more than sniper elite. wish they would've worked in the wind and gravity mechanics.
welcome to a new age of socialism in america!
7 years ago#9
If you ever played this game on line with "rules" that made you snipe other players you would have enjoyed it. It is one of my favorite games to ever play on line with other people. Sure the story line was not the greatest and sniping in cities is kind of a joke but it is/was a fun game. Try playing on the hardest difficulty, that made it much more of a stealth game. Had to try and snipe enemy's from long range and at the right times.
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7 years ago#10
I played it through on Normal and then redid it on Hard and I can confirm it does play better on the more difficult setting. I discovered you could stealth (in fact it was almost essential) whole sections which I hadn't been done on the first run through.

But that highlighted even more the sections where that was impossible. You still had very obvious yet unavoidable trigger points for many events. Contrary to the sniper 'sim' ethos (and what was actually in the manual) using background explosions as cover for your shots only worked when the game allowed it to. In the urban areas especially relocating between shots was nearly always a death sentence because of the psychic AI. If you didn't booby trap the stairwells etc you'd likely be overwhelmed as the enemy rushed towards your location immediately without even any pretence of searching.

I think what they were trying to do in Sniper Elite was rework the Hitman concept into a WW2 setting and it didn't quite come off. But whatever the reason it is still, at its best, a really good game.

If I was online I'd have loved to play it as a purer sniping game in an Enemy At The Gates style confrontation. But I'm not sure I could have ignored the temptation to lay the odd trip-wire bomb. if they were available. As much as I would have preferred more sniping stealth authenticity that particular weapon was just so much fun to use against the AI. I'd have loved to try to use it effectively against an online opponent.
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