Not as good as the first, so far.

#1MATT007Posted 2/6/2010 3:51:03 PM
I just completed the Jerusalem level and I am quite disappointed. There are so many aspects about Pandora Tomorrow that annoy me. It seems that Ubisoft did not fine tune the game as well as the first.
A couple of times, the captions accompanying a character's speech do no match, as in the Soth interrogation. Then there are the minor details. You would think the guys at Ubisoft would fix the problem in the first game of not being able to use secondary fire with the scope. Then there is the annoyance in the second game where you cannot kill someone with a headshot through glass windows.

Another annoyance is the small numbers labeling the amount of ammunition you have left.

This game could have been so much better. At least I have a copy of Chaos Theory to look forward to.
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