Alright game, but I had two minor issues with it (SPOILERS)

#1ShotgunnovaPosted 9/24/2011 2:33:19 AM
1) When you fail in the first mission, the game over music does this high-pitched whine that was both laughable and awesome. For some reason, they changed that game over SFX for every mission -- NOOOO.

2) If you manage the herculean task of sneaking up on Soth in the final level, you don't even get to interrogate him! He doesn't even say anything! What a major letdown, after all that sneaking around, the only words y'get to hear is him yelping for assistance when someone's detected. Sam got a witty repartee with Sadono, so why not the "final boss"? BOO and HISS, sir!

I liked the first game more, but this one wasn't too shabby. The level design didn't really enthrall me, though...especially those barfy jungle portions. It's understandable that they'd want to break out of the whole urban espionage stuff, but that's the bread and butter of the series to me, so the game's middle stretch felt kinda slow. Ah well...some Sam Fisher is better than no Sam Fisher.
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