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Raug's Helpful Tips-The Evil FAQ

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11 years ago#471
can anyone enter and help me out im in need of serous help
11 years ago#472
not to question of of the greatest to ever post, but im doing just that. Raug, are you sure iron are better than steel? it just seems wrong.. dont really know why
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11 years ago#473
In some way i think it is. I think it depends on you character.
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11 years ago#474
Iron and Steel are both heavy. A full set of iron weighs 11 more than Steel ( 123 ) and Steel offers avg 15 protection, while Iron only offers avg 10. Steel is superior.
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11 years ago#475
i said those wouldn't be exaclty rights, but it's close enough for you to get an idea.
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11 years ago#476
raug, post some more of your Gems of Awesome and Godly Insight, as 24 posts are left.
bump. only 23 now.
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11 years ago#478
post more tips for us Raug. this topic is almost 500.
11 years ago#479
okay, here's a real simple one.

Looking for a good Bow enchantment?

there's a couple I like to use cause you can't enchant it to do extra damage.

"Dwemer Lazersight"
(Dwemer Crossbow)
Light 20 points on target for 5 secs.

just a neat little effect. let's you see the target easier

"Soulbinder Bow"
(daedric bow, or whichever has more EP)
Soultrap on target in 5ft for 30 secs.

this one is great. It's easier to use the enchantment on the bow to soultrap than it is to ready your hands then ready the bow again. shoot out the soultrap, then shoot 'em dead.

"Winged Bow"
(daedric bow or whichever has more EP)
Levitate on target 1 pt for (as long as you can make it)

With this one, you can cast the levitation, backpedal into the air and rain arrows down on enemies. Great for grunts on the ground, but it's a little slow for anyone throwing magicka at you.
I believe in personal responsibility, and if you don't like it, quit polluting my gene pool.
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I just made that yesterday. It is better to use the Bonemold, I think it is the only bow that can support it.
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