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Bound Cuirass glitch!?

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7 years ago#1
Yeah, so I began playing Morrowind for the 1st time after 2 years, and I know that back then, I managed to have the bound cuirass forever. All I did is use the spell, and drop the cuirass and wait until the spell time was over and I had the cuirass to myself no more need spells.The only problem is, I think I did it on Morrowind. And I was wondering if I could do it in GOTY??
7 years ago#2
A Bound Cuirass may be unequipped, but it may not be removed from your inventory (i.e. dropped) in the GOTY Edition.

7 years ago#3
That's what I thought... D:
7 years ago#4
If you want to use a glitch to make permanent Bound gear, you can use the Soultrap glitch. I just tested it on my PC version and know it works on the Xbox version as well. Just make sure you have the Bound spell you want to make, and Soultrap.

Make a spell that looks like this:
Bound Cuirass for 3 secs on Self
Soultrap for 2 secs on Target

Name the spell whatever you want. Before you cast it, look straight down to the ground and then cast. If done correctly, your Bound effect should be permanent. You could also make a single spell with multiple Bound effects, just make sure the Soultrap effect is the last thing you add to the spell.
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