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4 years ago#1
Hi everyone,

I have a mess on my hands.

I'm two months into playing my mage character on the GOTY version of Morrowind on the Xbox. I've done the Larrius Varro Tells a Little Story quest. In the process of doing the quest, I accrued a 5040 gold bounty. I cast divine intervention to transport myself quickly to the Moonmoth Legion Fort. I was approached by an Imperial guard at the fort, informing me that I now have a death warrant. I quickly proceeded into the fort, to tell Varro that I had completed his quest.

Now I have no bounty, but the Imperial guards still have a death warrant on me.

I went to Ahnassi, did her entire quest line, and I still have an Imperial guard death warrant.
(Note: I taunted the Camonna Tong member into attacking me, thus giving me no bounty when I slayed him and his comrades.)
(Further note: I did not steal the belt from the women upstairs, plunder the Redoran vaults, nor did I talk to the master acrobat trainer.)

If anyone has any pointers on how to get rid of this Imperial guard death warrant, they would be much appreciated. Thanks!

(Note: I've come into contact with the Imperial guards at the Moonmoth Legion Fort and the Imperial guards in the town of Pelagiad.)
4 years ago#2
Is it all guards or just the ones in those places you mentioned?
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4 years ago#3

Many times it is only the guards that interacted with you before completing the quest that remain hostile afterward. Kill only those guards lawfully, and they will respawn as non-hostile ones
4 years ago#4
Yes, Dark Sage 89, it's all Imperial guards that I come into contact with that want to kill me, specifically Imperial guards. Not even Imperial guard captains come after me. All other guards do not come after me as well, e.g. Hlaalu guards, Redoran guards, Ordinators, etc.

Yes, SR71, I read your advice on another thread, and tried it, but it didn't work. Here's what I did. I went to the Moonmoth Legion Fort and killed the two Imperial guards who attacked me there. I slept for three or five days just outside the fort, where I had slain the two Moonmoth guards. After my days of slumber, I went into one of the Moothmoth towers and walked straight back out into the Moonmoth courtyard, to find that the two guards had respawned. However, they were still aggressive, and again, attacked me on sight.

Do you think it was because I didn't change cells before sleeping?

I came into contact with just the two Imperial guards in the MLF courtyard before finishing the Larrius Varro quest. Since then, I've run into the guards at the Pelagiad fort as well(I ran into them on my way to see Ahnassi). Do I have to kill every Imperial guard I've run into since the completion of the Larrius Varro quest and the two MLF guards in order to get rid of their aggression? Sort of like, "cleaning the slate"?
4 years ago#5
If all Imperial Guards in the game are hostile toward you, I conclude that there is no way to undo this. However, Imperial Guards are not unique NPCs , you should have no problem continuing quest lines, and procuring new quests. Remember, your character is a Mage, and you have many game-bending resources available to you as such. The simplest way to sidestep these pests, is to employ the Calm Humanoid and Invisibility spell effects. When I play as a Mage (which is 9/10ths of the time) I confront only those opponents I deem worthy to die by my hand. The rest of my would-be assailants are doomed to stand there stupefied, as I casually conduct any business that I could not otherwise accomplish while invisible. Any self-crafted Calm Humanoid spell with an "On Target" range, a mere 1 point magnitude, sufficient duration, and a decent area of effect (to simplify accuracy), will work well enough.
4 years ago#6
Thank you for your time, SR71. I appreciate your help.
4 years ago#7
If only gfaqs had actually posted that workaround I discovered like 6 years ago.
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4 years ago#8
Yes. If only...
4 years ago#9
When I wrote that out, I was doing it from memory, after not having played the game in several years.

I had a working method, along with many people confirming that it worked the first time. Drudge that one up if you like.

Also, that second topic was 4 years ago? ****.
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4 years ago#10
KI, I remember your initial post of the process, and the positive responses from the other players. When I finally got around to testing it for myself, I really wanted to get it to work. I wanted to simplify and/or help to clarify it's essential components. However, I had moved on to the PC version of the game, as my Xbox (with the infamous Thomson optical drive) no longer performed reliably. Although, very similar (and, in some ways, compatible), PC and Xbox software/hardware configurations and functionality differ greatly. My PC version results, neither prove, or disprove your process (1st ver., or 2nd ver.). I was disappointed that no other actual Xbox players were willing to take the time to test your Ver 2 process, as well. I posted the link to your old thread as a service to a fellow board veteran. Your original thread is no longer available.

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