Goodnight sweet prince.

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User Info: Dark Sage 89

Dark Sage 89
3 years ago#1
Fire has no loyalty...and it will come for you! ~Max Brooks
Don't hit my boyfriend! ~national acrobat22

User Info: whatmustido

3 years ago#2
I was thinking the same thing...
Morality is relative and based on opinions. Everyone has a different opinion, so everyone has a different view on what is right or wrong. What is right?

User Info: MynameisDirtDog

3 years ago#3
: (
Consecutive Janssus Saves: 10 and counting
You can't think when you're ****ing high.

User Info: Hobospartan

3 years ago#4
Id post something about a moment of silence but frankly this board doesn't deserve it <3
"...They all look the same from here, but that doesn't make them any less pretty."

User Info: JrTapia1991

3 years ago#5
been playing this with the overhaul 3.0 mod on pc,it brings a tear to my eye hearing the soundtrack again
"Human history is a litany of blood, shed over ideals of rulership and afterlife."-Legion

User Info: Abacinate

3 years ago#6
I wrote a speech for this occasion, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, I think it went something like this: "Come on, Pookie, let's burn this motherf***er down!"

Edit: I thought of something better to post.
"I wasn't born to be forced." - Henry David Thoreau

User Info: Tsavong24

3 years ago#7
I loved you more than most

User Info: 11Bahamut11

3 years ago#8
So just because I could, I was looking at the top ten games on the original xbox and I figured I'd pay my respects to this giant.
Do you know how large the projectile is that the Barrett fires? 3 shots of that would level an entire 3rd world village.

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