Quanze's CCS

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User Info: Crimson Grog

Crimson Grog
3 years ago#11
TanikazeGyoukou, Fitbike, coramonster, Aelius the Spymaster / level 99 babe, Orangemaster / Lord of the Axis, sworddunmer, daedric dunmer, Indori, Unholy_King

"You look like a Quanze."
"What's a Quanze?"
"I don't know."

Oh btw, has anyone seen a King Dreugh lately? I heard it's near Vivec.
Are druids still bug? -happyscrub1
No Sum durids are bare, and sum durids r cat (which iz 4 fite); but no durids are bugz -ShadowEdgeX

User Info: FantasticGabe

3 years ago#12
I miss the IT. Me, Amarth, Hobospartan, and some Doc___ guy who's name I can't remember.
That was pretty much it, but I loved it!
Gabe: Reality has exiled you, you are no longer bound by its laws. - HoboSpartan

User Info: MynameisDirtDog

3 years ago#13
Consecutive Janssus Saves: 10 and counting
You can't think when you're ****ing high.

User Info: Kabutoflower

3 years ago#14
Anyone remember Rocky? First Troll I ever ran into and got hit hard by him. Still remember him after years and always wondered who he was.
"Don't talk when I'm orating."-Ben Caxton, Stranger In A Strange Land

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