I'm afraid to touch anything!!! (Spoilers I Guess)

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2 years ago#1
So, I haven't played this game for a number of years, but my 360 went down. So, I'm back to playing my old xbox games. I know PC is better, but that's not an option for me right now. Anyway, I've read up on tips to keep my file sizes down & how to optimize performance.

So, I remember having some of my characters becoming un-usable in my runs years ago. Maybe that's making me overly concerned here, but I do want to know a few things from the experts on here, if you'll indulge me.

First, I know you can't do every possible quest with a single character, because you can't join all factions. However, aside from those obvious exceptions, is it possible for a single character to complete all of the quests available to him/her before the character becomes un-usable?

Second, is it better to do three (thief, warrior, magic) separate characters & do all the quests that are appropriate for your class?

Third, I know people say that if you move/take one thing from a house you may as well take it all, but what about dungeon crawls or taking things from the world? Like the axe in the stump near the light house in Seyda Neen? Should I follow the same rule & take everything in those cells too? Or should I just leave everything alone, complete the quests, kill the bad guys, but otherwise leave the goodies alone?

Fourth, what are the guidelines for vendors? Should I buy/sell stuff to/from them? Or should I just "delete" my old stuff when I find better stuff & ignore vendors entirely? Or should I use the restocking thing & just buy/sell the stuff that they restock?

Fifth, should I grind levels, before I really get into the bulk of the game? I only ask because that's how I like to do it. Or, in terms of file size & performance, should I level as I play & complete quests?

Last, am I just WAY over thinking this thing? I love TES & this one's a classic. I want to have fun & enjoy my game, but I hate it when I spend forever on a character & then I can't finish with it.

Now, I know some of you may find this topic & all of my questions tiresome. For that I apologize, but if you're annoyed feel free to ignore me. If on the other hand you have some insights & answers for me, then I'd be grateful for your help. Because I could really use it.

Thank you. :)
2 years ago#2
I completed the vast majority of quests on a character on the regular xbox version before it became unstable. That was ages ago, with one of the original xboxes. And I did that a few times, while taking plenty of loot and items for enchanting. You'll start getting crashes and eventually it'll just become impossible to load, though.

Second: Depends on whether or not you care about role-playing. I never really did, so I did all the quests possible.

Third: No clue.

Fourth: Also no clue, but I didn't have many problems when I stuck to using the creeper in Caldera. So I assume that if you stick to the same vendor, you won't have as many problems.

Fifth: Entirely up to you. The game's a cakewalk past level 20. Thirty, if you're playing the expansions. Personally, I always rushed the dragonbone cuirass and all the loot in that place, then went to Caldera to get the master alchemy set. From there, I just roamed the world to find/steal alchemy ingredients. Finally, I went to Sadrith Mora and bought enough stuff for a ton of boost intelligence potions and got my int incredibly high to make hellishly strong and expensive potions to sell to the creeper. Get a few hundred thousand gold and then visit all the master trainers. Just know that this makes the game incredibly easy. It gets even easier when you grab the boots of blinding speed and get some items to boost acrobatics. You'll be jumping from mountain to mountain. Or permanent levitate and just fly across the map Sanic fast.

And yeah, you're probably over-thinking it.
2 years ago#3
Wow. I'm super surprised that I got a response so quickly. The boards not very active these days. :(

Anyway, thank you so much for your answers to my questions. I REALLY appreciate it!! :)

If anyone else is around & has more to say, feel free to post. Again, thank you.
2 years ago#4
There are a bunch of people who still check these parts though
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2 years ago#5
youre not over-thinking in my opinion. I don't believe this game ever had any business being on the OG xbox in this fashion. The precautions youre taking will make your game experience better. I dont like the idea of discouraging play of the elder scrolls, but given your technology, I suggest you play something else.

also, I have nothing to add to the previous help from whatmustido; your questions are interesting.
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2 years ago#6
Well, that's an unfortunate assessment of my situation. However, I can tell your intentions are good. Your thoughts & opinions about my situation seem to be genuinely intended to help me to avoid some serious frustration. So, thank you for that.

So, is that the consensus? Should I simply not play this title on my xbox? If you disagree, feel free to post. However, if you do agree, then I have a few new questions.

1. Is this title still available for purchase for the PC? If so, where should I look? Is it on Steam?

2. Are there similar file size problems with this title while playing it on the PC? If not, are there any other common problems with the PC version?

3. I had an old 360 (not backwards compatible) & couldn't play this title on it. Does it play better on the newer 360s or is the PC the only viable way to play this?

I've been seriously considering switching to PC gaming. Everything I read & everyone I talk to seem to confirm that the best versions of my favorite titles are the PC versions. I can't afford to make the switch right now. However, if it's the only viable way to play some of my favorite titles, both new & old, then I'll be sure to put it higher on my priority list.

Anyway, I'm sorry to be such a pain, but your help is both welcome & appreciated. So, thank you again. :)
2 years ago#7
I suggest you go to best buy. You can get a $600 computer and pay 50/month for a year with no interest.

Given you already have a monitor keyboard and mouse, $600 can get you a hell of a lot of PC gaming power. Just be sure you get a quad core intel processor and 8gigs of ram.

Also morrowind runs flawless on anything with a gig of ram and a 3d graphics processor.

All elder scrolls games are currently for sale in the anthology pack or you could get GOTY morrowind for about $20
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2 years ago#8
Nice, well I appreciate your help!!
2 years ago#9
You could probably get a laptop that can run Morrowind decently well, if you want to go the cheap route. But really, you could build your own computer or buy a decent enough one for around five to seven hundred dollars that can run almost all modern games on high.

And yes, the PC version has the best versions of almost every game, and also supports emulation for almost every console platform. It's a little more difficult to set PC games up, but it pays off in the end, since you get better graphics, the ability to mod your games, better support, (almost) 100% reverse compatibility, and a number of other things. A lot of games also support the use of controllers, if you for some reason find you don't like mouse and keyboard (which you probably won't, unless you're playing Dark Souls).
2 years ago#10
Well, I can't make the switch to PC very soon. However, I've been considering it for a long time & it's almost certain that I will. Plus, the comments so far in this thread are really making want to make the change ASAP.

As for using the keyboard while playing games, that's going to take some getting used to. However, I'm OCD & I WILL MASTER IT!!!

So, what is modding exactly? I really don't know much about PC gaming. Just that everyone agrees that it's better.
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