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2 years ago#1
Just looking to play this for the first time, but coming from Oblivion, do you really need perfect level ups to not die to higher stuff like you did in Oblivion? or can I actually pick skills I want to use as majors and not git rekt?
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2 years ago#2
As long as you level up at least one combat tree, by the time you hit level 20, you'll probably be damn near invincible. By the time you hit 40, it would take Umbra to kill you. By the time you max out, most things won't be able to hit you, let alone do enough damage to actually kill you.
2 years ago#3
So for example. What I'm bouncing around for skills in some order are*planning Breton mage : Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration/Mysticism/Alchemy/Enchant*only cuz all I've read seems to say this is hard to level, so figure may as well take as a skill*Light or Heavy armor, can't decide/Long Blade*need something to hit things with*, and the other 2 are pretty much filler.

I just don't know if I can take them all as Major/Minor, mix and match. I feel like I'd have an easier time if I didn't play Oblivion first lol.
Those who can laugh at themselves will never be bored.
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2 years ago#4
With how ridiculously overpowered enchanting is in this game (by paying someone to enchant for you), you really don't need armor that much. Just get some good robes and some good rings and enchant them with protection. And with destruction and long blade, you'll be fine in terms of killing things, especially once you start making your own spells (once again, by paying someone).

Personally, I wouldn't take enchant as a skill. Since there's no limit to training in this game, aside from the stat's attribute level, you can train as much as you want in a single level. You won't be using enchant that much since it's damn near impossible to make a good enchantment by yourself unless you savescum, so you might as well save your major/minor skills for stuff that's relatively useful or increases attributes you want to raise.

Alchemy is really good if you want to powergame early on. You can steal a free set of master alchemy equipment almost as soon as you start the game, and there are potion ingredients you can buy from instantly restocking merchants that increase your int. So make int buffing potions, drink them, make more int potions, drink them, and continue on that vein. You end up making potions worth around 4500 gold each, which you can sell full price to two certain merchants that restock their gold every 24 in-game hours. With that, you can make a ton of money very quickly that you can use to train all of your skills to 100, making sure to raise each of your attributes by +5 each time. Just note that doing this sucks all the difficulty out of the game.

But if you want to do it for roleplay's sake, by all means, keep enchant. It does have a use if you want to recharge your weapons and equipment; the higher your enchant, the more you get out of a single soulgem when you recharge something.

All things told, it's damn near impossible to f*** up a build in this game. Major/minor skills don't matter much once you hit a decent level. You'll find out what works once you start playing. And if you end up with a build you don't like, just restart. That's half the fun, after all.

Oh, and if you're coming from Oblivion or Skyrim, note that the combat is much, much different. It works based off dice rolls rather than actually hitting the opponent. Say your long blade skill is 50 and you're attacking a rat. Every time you swing, you'll have a percentage chance to hit the rat, as it will have a percentage chance to hit you. That chance goes up as long blade levels and goes down as your fatigue decreases. So even if it looks like you're connecting with the rat, you might still be missing. Just look for the blood splatter and listen for a hit.
2 years ago#5
whatmustido posted...
Just look for the blood splatter and listen for a hit.

goty added a lifebar, too
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