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Having a hard time getting into this awesome game. (Archived)
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Dispel frequently seems to cause a lock-up. (Archived)
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Asked this on the PC boards, but just incase they aren't active... (Archived)Emurozii33/2/2012
Man it's been a while since I've been on here (Archived)
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Why is the Belt of the Amor of God so inexpensive? (Archived)quickbeam52/28/2012
Dagoth Girer tried to sell me his 6th House Amulet (Archived)Sin Jackal72/27/2012
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How come all I can think about while playing Skyrim is playing this (Archived)ffalcons7102/7/2012
Why do people play this on xbox if it always eventually becomes unplayable (Archived)
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Why doesn't my health or magicka regenerate? (Archived)hyphonym51/23/2012
Failed Quest (Archived)Xanatos241541/21/2012
game freezes every five 5 minutes (Archived)ffalcons741/21/2012